Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Got Webelos?  

Webelos from our district are allowed to attend this Pow Wow (I emailed the lady in charge).  You can take your own son if you'd like.  It is helpful if you have a group of boys to send a leader, but not necessary.  Click here to go to the registration page.  Cost is $9 per boy.

Saturday, February 2, 2013
8 am to 1 pm
LDS Church Building at 880 N 700 E in Lehi 
Webelos Pow Wow is a fun Saturday activity that gives boys the opportunity to interact with other boys outside of their den and earn two activity pins.  The activity pins offered include Artist, Readyman, Showman, Craftsman, Scientist, Engineer, and Geologist.  The activity includes a snack and lunch.
Registration deadline is January 20, 2013.
Sorry, no late or at the door registrations.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Paper Rocket Launcher, Compressed or Stomp: Wolf 10b, Bear 10b, Webelos Craftsman 4

 This image is from, mentioned below.

You think water rockets are fun?  My favorite are paper rockets! They go WAY higher and faster and give me a huge thrill!  Last summer my husband made a water rocket launcher for our family to use in the summertime, and we're excited about that.  After having experienced air compressed paper rockets at Akela's Council in Sept, he is even more excited about making a paper rocket launcher.  Thus, the reason for this post. This can be done all year round without getting wet! 

An compressed air paper rocket launcher is DEFINITELY the one I'd use for a pack meeting!

At a den meeting the boys can make a stomp launcher for their rocket fun at home with things they probably have around the home:

plastic bottle
bicycle innertube or vacuum hose
2 ft (1/2-3/4” diameter) PVC tube or metal pipe
duct and masking tape or scotch tape
file folder or cardstock (for rocket)

A stomp launcher is where the force of air comes from stomping on a plastic soda pop bottle, sending the air through a tube, sending the rocket off the launcher. 

This would pass off several requirements or electives, but just taking a look at requirements:  Wolf 10b (Family Fun), Bear 10b (Family Fun), Webelos Craftsman 4 (Build something useful out of material besides wood)

Here is a paper rocket instruction sheet, but you can see one made with real pictures (much easier to understand, I think) if you just go to the original site:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beautiful Routered Pinewood Derby Trophies, Wolf 5, Bear 21, Webelos Craftsman

In "This Old House"-style, our own Grove Rasmusson (a Cubmaster) teaches us and shows us exactly how he makes 30 impressive Pinewood Derby trophies, each costing just over $1.50, depending on your available resources. In his own words:
     "Each year I make the awards for the Pinewood derby. The top piece is 5"x 1-1/4". The Middle piece is 5-3/4" high and the Bottom piece is 8" long. The whole thing costs about $50 depending on what you have around the house. 15 minutes long? I know, but I was pretty thorough! :)" Yes, the video is 15 minutes long, and it certainly is thorough. It makes it easy to craft a trophy worthy of displaying the cubs hard work for a lifetime. Click on the Cubmaster's name in the first paragraph to watch this video. If you live within the Saratoga Springs/Eagle Mountain area, Grove has generously offered the use of his tools to you of you would like to borrow them to make these trophies. If so, contact him at

If you involve your den in making these, it can pass off:
Bear 21 BUILD A MODEL  b. build a display for one of your models.
Webelos CRAFTSMAN  (technology) 1. Safe handling of tools. 2. Construct 2 different wooden objects. 3. Make a display stand to be used to display a model.

A Well-Trained Leader

A year ago I was asked to provide a list of steps and a timeline for cub scout leaders to become well-trained. I did my best to put together a list as requested.

Here is the official LDS Scout LeaderTraining list found at, last updated March 2012.

*Akela's Council is only offered in the Utah National Parks Council, so is not included in the LDS official list.  It would be described as a Woodbadge specifically focusing on Cub Scouts.  (It is being considered by National BSA as official, but is still in the process of being watched similar to a pilot program.)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Changes in Cub Leader Knots

If you haven't heard yet, many of the Cub Leader Knots are being discontinued and converted.  If you have been working on the old and being discontinued and converted leader knots and ready to receive them by the end of 2012, DON'T PANIC -- you may still do so.  Everybody else will be using the new requirement and earning the new knots.

As of the day I'm writing this, it has been hard to find information on about the changes.  I have found two sites that I believe have all the information you are looking for.  NETCOMMISSIONER has an article clearly explaining the changes.  WESTARKBSA, if you scroll to the bottom, has links to the new requirements.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turn Back the Clock Blue & Gold 2012

The Blue & Gold Banquet is a Cub Scout pack's birthday celebration for the BSA.
It is also a time for receiving ranks and other awards.
Traditionally the Blue & Gold Banquet is held in February.
The Core Value for February is ALWAYS Resourcefulness.
The optional theme for 2012's Blue & Gold Banquet is "Turn Back the Clock"
Your Blue & Gold might be a Banquet or might be a party, depending on your ... RESOURCES.

    Communities and families are all about combining our talents, resources, and effort. We've lived in an unusually booming economy for 30 years. We've gotten so far away from that, on one side we don't want to bother anybody, and on the other side we feel a useless resource. Before the 1980's it was normal, expected, and appreciated to use leftovers and ask for help. Our economy is no longer booming, and it's time to harness and practice the skill of Resourcefulness. Talk about Turning Back The Clock!
    Not wanting to “require” people to donate anything, last year for our Blue & Gold we bought several pounds of rice and divided them among those who offered to make it. Turns out all of them had plenty of rice they would have gladly donated. We ended up wasting our budget resource and went over budget simply because we didn't ask or give opportunity. 
    For one Bear Den meeting we bought birdseed and had a ton left over. Turns out one of the other dens (Wolf or Webelos) had just bought seed for their den the month before and would have loved to give away their extra birdseed. This is one of the purposes of Monthly Pack Planning Meeting: to tell what we are doing in our dens for the next month to take advantage of our resources, be it material for building, be it local expertise that would love to teach the boys, or whatever.
    USE YOUR RESOURCES so that you don't waste committee budget resources. Find leftovers, talent, knowledge, experience, whatever. You don't know what all of your resources are until you ask. The boys will be blessed for it. Everyone will be blessed for it. People will start to regain their self-worth again.

Turn Back the Clock - 2012 Blue & Gold Banquet - Theme Ideas

Snoopy (dog houses, Peanut’s characters, stuffed dogs, dog biscuits/bowls)
Monopoly (chance cards, jail, play money, house/hotels, properties, pawns)
Baseball (Positions, ball/bats, bases, diamond, stadium, scoreboard, pennants)
Olympics (Medals, trophies, theme music, 3x5’ flags, award stands, torch, events, countries)
Indian Lore (Teepees, bows/arrows, artifacts, buffaloes, dream catchers, animal hides, drums, totem poles, horses, camp fires)
Trains (Station, models, luggage, tickets, conductor, sound effects, tracks)
Patriotic (Flags, eagles, bunting, campaigns, town crier, 1776, scroll)
Presidents (silhouettes, flags, buttons, slogans, band music, donkeys, elephants, quill pens)
Country Store (dry goods, candy jars, sacks, counter, prices, crates, lanterns)
Medieval (banners, armor, knights, castles, jousting, dragons)
Pirates (ships, treasure chests, skull/crossbones, eye patch, gold, maps, parrots, cannons)
School (Chalkboards, report cards, apples, rulers, alphabet, globes, houses, playground, bell)
Western (cattle, brands, irons, campfires, chuck wagons, rail, fence, hay bales, wood wheel)
Farms (barns, tractors, implements, hay bales, silos, fences, animals, pies)
Boys Club (club houses, “boys only” signs,make baking contest)
Noah’s Ark (Ark, animals, rainbow, dove, water, raindrops)
Library (books, stands, shelves, carts, titles, magazines, card catalog, Dewey Decimals)
It's About Time (Clocks, Minute to Win It, Families, Skit in a Minute)
Roots of Scouting (There are at least 3 actors who portrait Lord Baden-Powell.  I only have contact info for one in our area:)  David Nielsen 801-756-9265(h), 801-787-6583(c),
New Testament, Book of Mormon, or Mormon Pioneers
Choose any time or event in History (Gold Rush, Wright Bros., Renaissance, Cavemen & Dinosaurs, The Great Depression,1950s)
Back to the Future / Enchantment Under the Sea
The Time Machine / Steam Punk

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cub Scout uniform pants are on SALE for $2.66 !!!!  No, that's NOT a typo.  TWO DOLLARS and SIXTY SIX CENTS!!!!  For a whole pair of pants!  Two legs!  
This price is good for online and in-store.  Run!!!

Click on the link above to go directly to the page

Sunday, October 28, 2012

1 Doc = Cub Meeting Plans + Faith In God

Thanks to Julie Shaffer and the Eagle Mountain North Stake for a unique and useful new LDS tool.  They have taken the BSA "Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide's meeting plans and incorporated Faith in God ideas. (click on the highlighted words)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Scary Campout Skit

At Roundtable a cub den brought scenery of a woodland they had painted, masks they had made, scenery they had built, and put on a skit for us -- all of which gave them credit for their rank.  We could hear them clearly, and they did an awesome job.  It was funny; it was entertaining; it was appropriate. Wish we had pictures!  The funny skit can be found on the Home Page, if you click the Skits tab at the top.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Christmas Pack Games & Songs

Here is a link to 24 games with a Christmas theme for your December pack meeting.
Another game I enjoy is Building Frosty. Divide into teams. Each team is given a roll of white toilet paper, a broom, scarf, hat, three 3" black paper circles, and 3 rolled-up tape pieces. The teams race to see who can transform one person from their group into Frosty, using ALL the toilet paper and all the items. You can have a winner for the first to be completed and a winner for the best job. Remember to bring your camera for pictures!
Click HERE for silly cub scout Christmas songs I have compiled, including 6 Carols about Cub Scouting, 2 just really silly songs to Christmas tunes, 5 songs about Santa with familiar tunes, and 4 sweet holiday songs.
THIS is a link for traditional Christmas songs compiled by one pack in PDF for an attractive 11-page Caroling booklet.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Spontaneous Turkeys

This hilarious audience participation game was presented at Roundtable last night.  I wish I had taken pictures, but hopefully my description will suffice.  All of my measurements are only a guess to help you visualize, and the colors can be any you choose, so do what actually works.

Make 4 turkey tails, one of each color: brown, red, yellow, orange (or pink, blue, black, green ... whatever you already have around):

1.  Cut a 6" circle out of stiff paper for the following colors:  brown, red, yellow, orange,

2.  From the same paper cut out feathers.  The feathers we saw last night were just 6"x1.5" rectangles. 

3.  Attach the feathers to the top circumference of the circle.

4.  Get material 6" wide by 6' long to fit around someone's bottom and hips and tied in the front.  Sew the feathered circles to the middle of the material.

Make 4 turkey masks.  Here's a picture of a simple one that I would probably make, but with paper.


Teach the audience the following words to the tune "Have You Ever Seen A Lassie" or "Here We Are Together":
    Have you ever seen a turkey, a turkey, a turkey
    Have you ever seen a turkey with feathers like that.
    There's brown ones and red ones and yellow ones and orange ones.
    Have you ever seen a turkey with feathers like that.

Get 4 volunteers who wear the turkey masks and tail throughout pack meeting.  Whenever a certain word is said, let's just pick "thank" for an example, the turkeys get up and start strutting around like a turkey would and the audience sings the above song.  When the color of their tail is sung, the turkeys wag their tails to the audience.

Friday, September 7, 2012

UNPC 2010 Pow Wow Book & 2011 Supplement

Emphasis on Pack Meeting Ideas, Den Meeting Ideas, and Core Value Ideas

In August of 2010, Utah National Parks Council put out their 2010-2011 Pow Wow book.  It is a 414 page PDF document.  There are many pages with Core Value Info and ideas for Dens and Packs.

In August of 2011, Utah National Parks Council put out a supplemental CD to their 2010 Pow Wow book.  There are many pages with Core Value Info, and pages with forms to be able to keep hard copies for each of the boys so you do not have to rely on the boys books.

The Akela's Council just added a copy to their blog of both the Pow Wow book and that supplement in PDF form, clear and ready to be printed.  Check it out.  There's good and helpful stuff there!

(It is a 414 page document, so be patient as it opens up)

Table of Contents for the Pow Wow Book:
Core Values and Assigned Months

Section 1 - Parts of a Meeting
Gathering Activities
Opening Ceremonies
Recognition Ceremonies
Games and Activities
Audience Participation
Cubmaster Minutes
Closing Ceremonies
Blue & Gold (Songs, Cheers, and Menu & Recipe Ideas)
Character Connections
Academics & Sports Program (Belt Loops & Pins)
Tiger Cubs
Webelos Scouts
Advice from Akela
  • New Leaders
  • Den Leaders
  • Den Discipline
  • Den Chiefs
  • Pack Committee
  • Cubmasters
  • Pack Communication and Online Resources for Packs
  • Parents and Families
  • $$$ and Budgets
  • Pack Trainers
  • Cub Scout Leader Training
  • Unit Commissioners (Charter Presentation Ceremonies too)
  • Scouting with Disabilities (Includes games
Patches and Awards
Where can I find Scout Stuff?
Index (by core value)
Table of Contents for the Supplement:
                                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

Advancement & Core Values (All Ranks) .............. 4
     Tiger .................................................. 45
     Wolf ................................................... 51
     Bear ................................................... 59
     Wolf & Bear .......................................... 69
     Webelos .............................................. 87
Character Connection Activities & Worksheets ........ 93
     Practical Examples .................................. 126
     Quotes and Answers ................................. 129
     Where to find Ideas? ................................ 130
Record Keeping Tips & Forms .......................... 131
     Wolf Den Records .................................... 137
     Bear Den Records .................................... 141
     Webelos Den Records ............................... 145
     Belt Loops & Pins Records .......................... 147
     Den Chief Records ................................... 149
     Cub Scout Parents Records ......................... 150
     Cub Scout Leaders Records ......................... 162
Webelos Activity Badges. ............................... 172
     Belt Loop Glue-ins (for Webelos)................... 193
More Great Stuff.......................................... 202
     Useful Websites and Links ........................... 203
     Red Ribbon Week Patch..............................205
     Camp Jeremiah Johnson Flier ...................... 206
     Resource Guide Tips.................................. 207
                              Outdoor Activities (Tour Plan, LNT etc.) .......... 210

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Combined Den Leader Training Award 2012

Den Leader Training Award
This award has replaced the Tiger Cub Den Leader Award,
the Cub Scout Den Leader Award, and the Webelos Den Leader Award
Scouters already working on one of the older awards may continue with the previous requirements until December 31,2012. Those starting work should use the new requirements.
Links to the old requirements may be found at

Note: This award can be earned as a Tiger Cub Den Leader, Wolf Cub Scout Den Leader, Bear Cub Scout Den Leader,and Webelos Den Leader. It can be earned in each position, but tenure may be used only for one award. A tiny device pin is attached to indicate whether the award was earned as a Tiger Den Leader, Cub Den Leader or a Webelos DenLeader.

Complete one year as a registered den leader in the position selected. Tiger Cub den leader’s tenure can be the programyear as long as it is greater than eight months.
1. Complete the basic training for the selected den leader position.
2. Complete This Is Scouting training.
3. Attend a pow wow or university of Scouting (or equivalent), or attend at least four roundtables (or equivalent) during the tenure used for this award.
Do five of the following during the tenure used for this award:
1. Have an assistant den leader who meets regularly with your den.
2. Have a den chief who meets regularly with your den.
3. Graduate at least 70 percent of your den to the next level.
4. Take leade3rship in planning and conducting a den service project.
5. Have a published den meeting/activity schedule for the den's parents.
6. participate with your den in a Cub Scout day camp or resident camp.
7. Complete Basic Adult leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO).
8. Complete Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos leaders.
9. Participate with your den in at least one family camp; if your den is a Webelos den, participate with your den in at least two overnight camps.
10. take leadership in planning two den outdoor activities.
11. Hold monthly den meeting and den activity planning sessions with your assistant den leaders. 

For a fillable form PDF progress record for this award, go to
(2012 printing)


The 2012 Pony Express Scout Expo and Belt Loop Pow Wow has been cancelled.  This event was scheduled for September 29, 2012. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

When One Pack is One Combined Den

Is your pack small enough that you need to combine all dens (Tiger/Wolf/Bear/Webelos) into one combined den? has made available two years' worth of Alternative Cub Scout Lesson Plans with you in mind:  Year A and Year B

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Easy Car Derby Slide

Go to for instructions to this easy neckerchief slide that your cubs can make themselves.  Other neckerchief slide instructions available at the same blogspot, as well.

Cub Clipart

Cub Scout clipart that's new to me.  6 pages of them!  Color and Black-and-White clipart.  Find them at

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Ringutter Regatta Idea


Made from a pool noodle, shiskabob skewers, and parchment paper. 
Decorate THAT!
(Thank you, Yvonne Russell from Orem)

Monday, August 27, 2012

November - Citizenship Slide and Poem

This Uncle Sam Pin was found at  Rather than a pin, glue a ring on the back for a neckerchief slide!         -thank you, GSLC District 28 RT for both of these ideas

Uncle Sam Pin (or Neckerchief Slide)

Uncle Sam Pin
Total Time 1 Hour Ages All Ages
Pin on a patriotic face that's sure to stand out in any Fourth of July crowd.

What you'll need

  • White craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Wooden craft spoon
  • Googly eyes
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Self-adhesive pinback

How to make it

  1. To make one, cut out a basic Uncle Sam-style hat (about 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide) from white craft foam.
  2. Use markers to color the brim blue and to draw red stripes on the top.
  3. Glue the hat to the handle of a wooden craft spoon (if necessary, first use scissors to trim the wooden handle so that it's shorter than the hat).
  4. Glue on googly eyes and a cotton ball beard, then draw on a small L-shaped nose.
  5. Attach a self-adhesive pinback (sold at many craft and bead stores), and your Uncle Sam pin is ready to wear.

Leader's Minute
One song can spark a moment,
one flower can wake the dream.
One tree can start a forest,
one bird can herald spring.
One vote can change a nation,
one sunbeam lights a room.
One candle wipes out darkness,
one laugh will conquer gloom.
One step must start each journey,
one word must start a prayer.
One hope will raise our spirits,
one touch can show we care.
One voice can speak with wisdom,
one heart can know what’s true.
One life can make a difference,
that difference starts with you.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pow Wow

 Saturday August 25th
Utah National Parks Council
Annual Pow Wow

It was another successful Pow Wow.
Cubscout Leadership Training
 Your district's Roundtable Staff put on the best Blue and Gold Banquet ever.
And if your a member of the Pony Express District you know what we mean.
 It's a Jungle out there.  The Theme for Pow Wow.
Look at the amazing decorations
The amazing staff.
with Special appearance from the Wonder Twins

Monday, August 20, 2012

Evaluating Your Program

At our last Round Table, our Intermediate Den Leader Class discussed the importance of evaluating your program. While it's important to evaluate from a leaders' point of view, doing so from the boys' view is critical. We are all there to make sure the boys enjoy themselves and learn. If our programs are not interesting and engaging for them, what do we expect the results to be?

The question that affected me the most was "Is the Cub Scout Promise a part of the boys' way of life? Do they know what it means and try to live by it?"

What are we doing in our dens and packs if the answer to this is "No"? How can we be good leaders and affect change in our communities if we are not helping the boys to do their best and to do their duty?

Meet with your fellow leaders. Meet with them often. Evaluate your programs and leadership. The questions to start with are found in the Cub Scout Leader Book on pages 24-12 and 24-13.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Akela's Council Sept 2012

It's official -- AC 29 is ON!!! If you are planning on going to Akela's Council at Tifie Scout Camp at Mountain Dell (near Mount Pleasant) on September 11-15, 2012, you need to sign up now.   There is room for 7 more applicants.

Changes in Akela's Council Sponsorship:

The time has run out for applying for the Pony Express District Sponsorship for Akela's Council.  It is no longer available. 

GREAT NEWS:  Many of the stakes (zones) in our district are willing to sponsor some or all of your Akela's Council training.  If yours is offering one, take advantage of it .... by asking for it, because they might not have made a general announcement!

Happy Cubbing!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Soil Erosion Bears Elective 15b

                                                               soil erosion picture from
Bears Elective 15b Explore three kinds of earth by conducting a soil experiment.

As a Bear leader years ago, I saw a soil erosion experiment that combined the following two soil experiments. It had 5 soil sections: the four from the first experiment, then a fifth section which was soil with grass. I was very, very impressed and even though I "knew" these things from reading it in books, watching the effects grass had on erosion had a huge impact on me.

Soil Types

  • Experiment with different soils to determine which types will best resist erosion. Place two pounds each of potting soil, sand, clay, and soil from your yard into four separate pans. Prop one end of the potting soil pan on a board. Place the other end in an empty dish. Pour three cups of water into a watering can and sprinkle the water over the soil from the top edge of the pan. Observe what happens. Measure and dump the water gathered in the dish into a clear jar. The darker this water is, the more soil has run off. Repeat this experiment for each soil type. Compare the amount of water collected and the soil present in each dish to draw your conclusions about which soil type withstands erosion best.
Read more: Soil Erosion Experiments |

soils banner.BMP (494262 bytes)

    1. a few books
    2. two shallow pans
    3. a deeper pan
    4. soil
    5. soil with grass growing in it
    6. water in a container
Step 1: Gather all your materials listed above. Then prop up the end of the shallow pan on the books. Put the other end of the shallow pan in the deeper pan. Fill the shallow pan with soil up to the rim.
Step 2: Carefully pour the water from the top end of the pan, and let it flow down.
      Did you notice anything? The soil should have been carried from the shallow pan down to the deeper pan. That is how erosion works. The water carries away
       the soil and soon it settles in the water.

Step 3: Take your other shallow pan. Put the soil with plants in it and put it where your other shallow pan was.
Step 4: Pour the water from the top of the pan, as you did before.
       Did you notice anything? The plants and grass helped keep the soil in place.
           thinkquest back                              thinkquest continue...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Akela's Council Blog for All Cub Leaders

Akela's Council

Want to know a little bit about what goes on at Akela's Council?

Need another site for some good ideas.

This is a new blog that just started....keep your eyes open to's going to be GOOD! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Supplemental Themes 2012/13-2014/5

farmer picture from
Any Cubmaster can use any of the listed themes for their Pack meetings (or create his/her own) for whatever Core Value they choose at any year.  The only constant is the Core Value of the Month.  These supplemental themes are only a convenient option: something already chosen and planned out for you, if you choose.

I found the Supplemental Themes list on Baloo's Bugle: 
26 Supplemental plus 12 Core Value Agendas or 38 of the 48 total planned
Themes in green with an asterisk are posted at

Here they are, the Supplemental Themes list for Sept 2012-July 2015. 

Rock Identification Key

    Bears Elective 12f: collect, mount, and identify 10 rocks or minerals. 
    Our Bear Leader wanted something easy to understand and simple to do to teach his Bears how to identify rocks without having to gather them around the computer to look at pictures or for interactive identification.  Something he can print and take outside in the rock's natural setting.
Here is the identification key they used.
   Need: a nail, diluted hydrochloric (muriatic) acid, glass dropper, identification key, and at least one rock
   Preparation: We got softball-size to cantelope-sized rocks from the side of the road, by a lake, construction sites, etc. and broke them with a hammer (before the boys got there) to give each boy a piece. Hint: The boys like the bigger rocks, but they should be small enough pieces to fit in the egg carton section.  (You need to see the newly-broken inside for the test.) We also gave each boy an egg carton for their display.  We used regular, unpolished rocks they see every day on the ground.  After this activity, rocks will mean a lot more to them (and the leaders) and will look different from one another (the rocks).

*Remember, the Cub Scout Motto is: Do Your Best.  They don't have to get it right at 9 years old to pass it off, they just have to give a concentrated effort and Do Their Best. This test for rock i.d. is only as accurate as the judge.  My college son is much more accurate than I am at answering the questions.  Even if I (or a 9-year-old) identify a rock wrong, we have still learned:
   1) how rocks are made
   2) ways rocks are identified  (types, size of grains, hardness, how they break, react heavily to acid or not,etc)
   3) rocks are often different on the inside than on the outside (for instance, they all looked like common gray household rocks to me until we broke them and placed the different rocks in side-by-side sections of an egg carton and saw all the different colors, designs, and sizes of grains)
   4) to better appreciate the rocks, their similarities and differences, that I walk past every day

Getting philosophical:  Maybe in the process, somewhere down deep, they will grow their consciousness by applying these above lessons (maybe unconsciously) to appreciating differences in other things like animals ..... or science ..... or games ..... or people.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tour & Activity Plan

Click Here to learn more about the Online Tour & Activity Plan.

Steps to filling out the new online Tour & Activity Plan:

Go to and sign in

On the left hand side, there is a grey toolbar.  The third section down is Unit Tools.  The last item under that section is Tour and Activity Plan.  Click it.

You are now at the page that you fill out online for your own Tour and Activity plan.  :)    SO much easier than the paper way!

Let me Tell you about Akela's Council

Akela's Council

Make Your Pack and Dens Great by Attending Akela's Council for the Best Cub Scout Leader Training Anywhere!

What Is Akela's Council? This is an exciting 4 1/2 day Cub Scout Leader Training for those who have completed the Leader Basic Training. This fast-paced and inspiring training covers den doodles, den yells, relationships, Cub Scout forms, resources, Sports/Academic program, skits, puppets, charter renewal, BSA policies, insignia, Webelos Outdoor Experience, Cub Scouts with disabilities and much more.

When and where does it happen?

In 2012, Akela's Council will be held twice:
  • Frandsen Scout Ranch (located at Scofield Reservoir) on July 24-28, 2012, and
  • Tifie Scout Camp at Mountain Dell (near Mount Pleasant) on September 11-15, 2012.
Past participants have deemed Akela's Council to be the most motivating and enjoyable training they have ever completed. Registration is limited so register early for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.This training meets the needs of all Cub Scout Pack level leaders. How do you apply? Click Here to Apply Online. You can also print and fill out the Akela's Council Registration Form, enclose a check or money order for the $65.00 required deposit or the full $115.00 fee, and send directly to: Boy Scouts of America 748 North 1340 West Orem UT 84057 Partial scholarships may be available. Contact your district Cub Scout Trainer or call Council Services at (801) 437-6222 for more information. All fees are due 30 days prior to the course. There will be no refunds issued after the course begins.


1. Be registered with the Boy Scouts of America. 2. Complete Cub Scout Leader Basic Training before course. 3. Provide the completed Annual Health and Medical Record (parts A, B, and C) at check-in. information from:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Utah Valley Cub Scout POW WOW 2012

Jungle Safari 
August 25, 2012

Saturday Morning Sign-In - - 7:30 am - 8:25 am
Opening Ceremonies - -  8:30 am - 9:05 am
Classes - - 9:15 am - 3:00 pm

 Do you feel like your in a Jungle when it comes to Cub Scouting?

In a jungle there are trees, vines, wild animals, bugs and so much more.  You can sure get lost in the jungle if you don't have a map.  You can get lost if you don't have your guide.  You can encounter those wild beasts and have no weapons to protect yourself.

Cub Scouting can be a jungle.  You become a leader and feel overwhelmed, LOST even.  You may become discourage and just sit down where you are and don't know what to you don't do anything.

Well, POW WOW is your guide and your map to Cub Scouting.  
Many, many volunteers who are experienced in Cub Scouting are volunteering their time to HELP YOU!  

HELP!  You don't have to do it alone.  You don't have to figure it out all by yourself.  

POW WOW will open your mind to what Cub Scouting is.  
POW WOW will help you understand your position.
POW WOW will give you so many ideas that you don't have to recreate the wheel.

Pow Wow Participant: $10/person  May 1st - July 31st   
$15/person August 1st - 20th 

District Hikes 2012

The District 50/20 (50 miles in 20 hours) last year was a huge success! There were many participants, even from other districts.  The actual 50/20 challenge is for Varsity and Venturing Scouts, $7/youth and $5/adult.  Boy Scouts ages 12-13 can camp along the trail and hand out water/food and cheer them on.

For Boy Scouts ages 12-13 and Cub Scouts, there are two shorter hikes within the 50/20:  The Pony Express & Historic Trails segment $5/youth and $3/adult, and Historic Trials (only) segment $3/youth and $1/adult.

Click to learn more about: Pony Express Trail BSA 50/20 Hikes
Registration closes Aug 24.

(There is a running organization hooking up with our event, but it is separate for registration and fees.)

2012 Sports Belt Loop Pow Wow

Pony Express District in Utah National Parks Council is offering a Sports Belt Loop Pow Wow.  If your cub or Webelos scout enjoys earning belt loops, this is a great place to earn several in one day.  There will be many sports set up to learn the rules, practice skills, and play a game (which is the requirements for each belt loop). 

The District Sports Belt Loop Pow Wow is a separate event from, but located within the boundaries of, the District Scout Expo held on September 29, 2012 at the Saratoga Springs Stake Center located at 587 South Saratoga Road.  Admission to the Pow Wow is $2 per boys, but if they were at the cub day camp that was evacuated the admission is free.

Currently there are 28 Sports Belt Loops that are available for earning:
Archery, BB-Gun, Badminton, Baseball. Basketball, Bicycling, Bowling, Fishing, Flag Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hiking, Hockey, Horseback Riding, Ice Skating, Kickball, Marbles, Physical Fitness, Roller Skating, Skateboarding, Snow Ski and Board Sports, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Ultimate, and Volleyball

The actually events will be determined by the leaders teaching these classes.  We are in need of volunteer teachers.  Pony Express District will provide the equipment needed.  Archery and BB-Gun may only be taught by those who have been trained and certified by the BSA.  Currently Archery is a very real possibility, as we have several leaders trained for this event.

The teacher can choose their event, but its first-come-first-served so sign up to reserve your chosen sport to teach.  To do so, send an email to  and let us know your name, your email and preferred phone number, your Zone by name (what stake you belong to), your unit number, and three events by order of choice you'd be willing to teach.

2012 District Scout Expo PLUS Sports Belt Loop Pow Wow


The Pony Express District Scout Expo is a one day event on September 29, 2012 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It brings together families of current or potential scouts or cub scouts from all over Pony Express District in Utah National Parks Council.  The District Scout Expo features dozens of skilled scout-type events meant for challenge and fun for the whole family.  The above pictures show a few of the activities we had last year.

Troops and Packs are encouraged to provide an exhibit.  Click here for exhibit ideas. It may--but doesn't have to--pass off parts of required or elective achievements, but it should be an activity related with scouting and cub scouting ideals.  The Troop or Pack provides and finances it's own exhibit's activities.  It is suggested that the scouts and cubs serve at the booth with leaders and you set up a rotating schedule for service at the booth, so that each person has time to attend all the other booths at the event with their own family as well.

The Pony Express District Scout Expo will be held at the Saratoga Springs Stake Center located at 587 South Saratoga Road.  The cost is $5 per family, which is meant to defray the costs of running it.

In addition to, and within the District Scout Expo there will be an area sectioned off for a Sports Belt Loop Pow Wow.  Admission to this is $2 per cub scout.  However, the boys who were at the cub camp that was evacuated because of the Dump Fire will get in for free, to make up for their lost Day Camp activities.

At the Sports Belt Loop Pow Wow cub and Webelos scouts will rotate through sports activities to earn various sports belt loops.  It will be the highlight of the event for Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos scouts!