Most of these we got from other blogs and sites.  They are posted here, because they have been performed at our Roundtable or Cub Leader Pow Wow, so it's a resource for those who want a copy of what they saw. 

Scary Campout
Actors:  4 or more cub scouts (two Cub Scouts and two with wild animal masks)
Props:  Campfire, teepee

CS 1:  Do you want to sleep by the fire or in the teepee?
CS 2: It's cold.  I think I'll sleep by the fire tonight.
CS 1: Okay. (1 sleeps in teepee, and 2 sleeps by fire.  Enter wild animals.)
WA1: Hey, look - a brave scout sleeping by the campfire.  Let's go scare him.
All WA:  Raaaaaah! (CS 2 wakes up scared and petitions CS 1)
CS 2:  Can I please sleep in the teepee?
CS 1:  No, there's not enough room. Go back to the fire. (both fall asleep. Enter wild animals.)
WA1: Hey, look - there's that brave scout again, sleeping by the fire.  Let's go scare him.
All WA:  Rahhhhhhh!  (CS 2 wakes up scared and petitions CS 1)
CS 2:  Please can I sleep in the teepee?
CS1:  No.  You chose the fire.  Go back and stop being a wimp. (both fall asleep. Enter wild animals.)
WA1: Hey, look - there's that brave scout again, sleeping by the fire.  Let's scare him again.
All WA:  Raarooaaar! (CS 2 wakes up scared and petitions CS 1)
CS 2:  PLEASE, can I sleep in the teepeee?
CS 1:  Okay, fine! (they switch places, and fall asleep.  Enter wild animals.)
WA1:  Hey, look - there's that brave scout again, sleeping by the fire.  Let's go scare him again. 
WA2: No, wait. We've already scared him a lot tonight.  Let's scare that scout over in the teepee!

Cub Cookout 

Actors: Four scouts around campfire pretending to cook marshmallows on sticks.

Two Cubs dressed as mosquitoes 
Props: Campfire, sticks/marshmallows, mosquito costumes (ours will probably just be those giant sun glasses with a stinger and maybe antennae)
Setting: Cubs around the fire keep slapping as if being attacked by mosquitoes throughout the skit. The mosquitoes walk randomly around the cubs as they deliver their lines.

Two cubs roasting marshmallows, #3 walking with new marshmallow, #4 still at the table putting his marshmallow on his stick.

1: Hey, there’s a bunch of elephants over there!
#3 joins at roasting
2: That’s not a bunch, that’s a herd.
3: Heard of what?
2: Herd of elephants.
3: Of course I’ve heard of elephants.
#4 joins at roasting
1: No, an elephant herd!
4: What did he hear?
3: What did who hear?
4: The elephant!
2: What elephant?
1: I’m guessing one of those elephants over there in that bunch.

Mosquito #1: Hey, I got a good one! What sport do mosquitoes like best?
Mosquito #2: Easy! Skin-diving. Say, did you hear what the Cub Scout said to the mosquito.
#1: No, what?
#2: Don't bug me!
#1: Are you related to any of the bugs around here?
#2: Sure. My ant.
#1: Did you hear what the mother grasshopper said to her children?
#2: No -- tell me.
#1: Hop to it!

Cub #1: Did you know that there’s not a single mosquito here in camp?
Cub #2: Really? I find that hard to believe!
Cub #1: No, it’s true. They’re all married with families and hard at work bugging us!
Cub #3: Lucky I brought the insect repellent. (Pretends to spray air. Mosquitoes exit quickly -- choking and gagging.)
Cub #4: Say, what has 18 feet, red eyes, and long claws.
Cub #3: I don't know.
Cub #4: Neither do I, but it's crawling up your neck! (Cubs run screaming from stage.)

Required:  a bandana and two bananas
Note: The whole skit has a premise of mistaking 'banana' for 'bandana'.
magician: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Great Mystero's Amazing Magical Bonanza! I need a volunteer to help me with my first trick (looking around, he choose a planted 'volunteer' that has a banana inside his shirt or pocket. The volunteer walks up onstage. )
magician: Thank you for helping me. For this trick, you can not watch me so let's stand back to back.
magician: I will show you that I can transport this bandana from my pocket to his.  Watch (places the bandana in his pocket).  Okay, reach in your pocket and get out the bandana.  Do you have it?
volunteer: (reaching in his shirt and pulling out a banana and holding it high for the audience to see) Yes, I have it right here.
magician: OK, in order to transport it back to me, you need to do exactly what I say.  first of all, fold your bandana in half.
volunteer: (peels banana) OK, got it.
magician: OK, now, fold it in half again.
volunteer: (folds banana in half) OK.
magician: Now, fold it one more time.  Tell me when you have it folded, just as I've told you.
volunteer: Again?
magician: Yes, again!
volunteer: (folds banana again) OK.
magician: Now, place it back into your pocket and push it really hard.
volunteer: (does as told) OK.
magician: Okay, it should be right here in my pocket. (reaches into his pocket, but pulls out a smashed banana) Ewwww.  Banana?  I said bandana!
    Now the magician can look disgusted at the banana or as a better ending, sticking to the saying 'The Show Must Go On', he can shove the banana mush into his mouth, show his empty hand that it is gone, and take a deep bow!

Throwing a Pie in a Face
Scott is a circus clown by trade.  He taught us a great gag - how to properly throw a pie in someone's face.
Tip 1:  Never use actual whipped cream, because if it stays on the clothes for a while, it will stain and ruin the clothes.  Therefore, always use soap, like shaving cream.
Tip 2: Protect the victim's clothes with a towel.  Also, be sure they know to close their eyes and their mouth.
Tip 3:  The person never throws the pie at the face, but instead just places the pie on the face.  Practice with a clean pie plate.
Tip 4:  Never actually put a pie in some unsuspecting person's face.  Sure, they'll be expecting it and so will the audience, but they will also be anxious, especially the boys.  Surprise everyone by secretly setting up ahead of time to "unexpectedly" getting the pie in your own face. It takes cooperation to pull this off, and it will get squeals and giggles of surprise from everyone!  Can be used as a skit or a ceremony.

Lost Money
CAST:  7 Cubs
SETTING: 1st Cub is circling around and looking down at the ground.
2ND CUB: What are you doing?
1ST CUB: I dropped my money and I'm looking for it.
2ND CUB: Well, I'll help you look.
(Other Cubs come up one at at time and ask him what he's doing, he says he lost his money, and they agree to help look.  Eventually there are several boys looking for the money on the ground.)
LAST CUB: What are you doing?
1ST CUB: I'm looking for the money I lost.
LAST CUB: Where did you lose it?
1ST CUB: Down by the parking lot.
LAST CUB: Then why are you looking for it here?
1ST CUB: Because this is where the light is.

Fishing Secret
3 or 4 scouts in a group, all fishing and not catching anything. 1 other scout walks onstage, waves to them and they wave back. He sits aways away and starts fishing. He catches a fish and repeats it a few times.

One scout gets up and walks over to the scout that is catching fish.
Scout #1: I've been here fishing all day and haven't caught anything. You've almost caught your limit already. What's your secret?
Fish Scout : (mumble mumble with mouth closed.)
Scout #1: What did you say?
Fish Scout : (mumble mumble with mouth closed.)
Scout #1: Oh never mind! (walks back to buddies)
Scout #1: He's kinda strange. I couldn't understand him.

Repeat with each scout asking his secret until the last scout tries.
Last Scout : We've been here all day and haven't caught anything. What's your secret?
Fish Scout : (mumble mumble with mouth closed.)
Last Scout : What?
Fish Scout : ( mumble mumble with mouth closed.)
Last Scout : Oh, come on. You can tell me, buddy!
Fish Scout : (puts up finger for "just a second", then pretends to spit something into his hand.) I said 'You have to keep the worms warm!' 

Firing Squad
Cast:   4 scouts in a line - to be executed
          3-5 scouts in a line opposite, acting as the Firing Squad
The firing squad marches the prisoners to a spot to be executed.
They line up the prisoners and ask the 1st prisoner if he have any last requests. The prisoner replies no.
The firing squad then follows the commands that are announced, "Ready...Aim..."
At this point the 1st prisoner points behind the squad and yells "hurricane!"
The firing squad turns away to look and the 1st prisoner runs away.

This scenario continues with the 2nd prisoner using "Tornado" and the 3rd prisoner using "Flood" (you can add more scouts as needed.)

Finally, the last prisoner faces the firing squad. The firing squad announces, "Ready...Aim..." and the last prisoner points behind the squad and yells "Fire!" at which time the squad shoots the prisoner.

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