Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking for more Blue and Gold Ideas?

Are you looking for more Blue and Gold Ideas? Well I found a few more ideas that I wanted to share with you.
An Angry Bird Blue and Gold

Cub Scouts Art Belt Loop/Pin

Local artist is now offering classes to help boys earn their Art belt Loop/pin.
Art Belt Loop Miss Debbie's Doodlebugs is now offering classes to help CubScouts earn their Art Belt Loop/Pin
Art Belt Loop cost is $2.00 per boy and this covers supplies ($4.00 if you want the actual Belt loop on completion of belt loop requirements).
Art Pin cost is $5.00 per boy and this covers supplies. The Pin will take two scheduled classes along with homework assigned to complete.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Just another cute idea for Blue and Gold Decorations. Just decorate some empty boxes .

Eagle can

Okay, many people have been asking questions about the Eagle Can. So here is the idea.
Take a #10, which can be purchased at the LDS Lindon Cannery for about 90cents and then
10 cents for the lid. Then you can rent the sealer from the cannery, Free rental.
Decorate the can and put the CubScout Name on the lid. Inside the can, well at least inside this can, is a letter from the CubScout's parent, bishop, den leader, and cub master. There is a poem and a small token/trinket.

The idea is that the Cub Scout receives this can but can not open it. There are only two conditions where the boy can open it; 1. if the Boy receives his Eagle or 2. if the Boy graduates from High school.
On the top of the can it says: " I CAN! I CAN! I CAN get my Eagle and when I do I CAN open my CAN."

Then at your Blue and Gold EVERY boy receives his can.
And that way you recognize EVERY boy.