It is very appropriate and encouraged for the Cubmaster and other committee members to wear simple costumes for ceremonies, which should be put on just before the ceremony and taken off just after the ceremony, unless it is too complicated and time-consuming - which case, it may be worn throughout the evening.  

Generic Ceremonies Formula
I got this "All Purpose, All Occasion, Do Anything, Generic Ceremonies Creator" from UNPC AUG 2012 Pow Wow Handouts, which was apparently taken from SCCC 2001 Pow Wow.  It is simple to create and easy to pop in ideas and use whatever is close at hand.

Big Deal Ceremony Format

  All advancement ceremonies should feel big, special, and entertaining (although not necessarily long).  Be sure your Arrow of Light ceremony is SO big (as in a big deal), SO special, and SO entertaining that it is set apart from the rest and is very much looked forward to by the recipients as well as the audience!  All advancement ceremonies will take some planning, and the Arrow of Light ceremony will deserve a little extra preparation.
  This Big Deal Ceremony Format is from a link I think you will want to subscribe to if you are a Cubmaster, because it also has some wonderfully creative ceremonies already written, including the wonderful Captain Jack Sp'arrow of Light Ceremony demonstrated at our April's Roundtablearrowoflightdoneright.blogspot.com On the date I write this post, the home page has the formula on it. Please check out the blog and look for "Why do we use advancement scouting?", as the format (called Basic Format on their page) is toward the bottom of this page.  
   If you have searched around that blog and can't find it, I have copied it onto a googledoc, but be clear that I am not the author of this recipe. This is the basic DIY recipe from the aforementioned blog for a very entertaining advancement ceremony!

Religious Emblem Knot Ceremony
Equipment: Large Ceremonial Religious Emblem Knot
Before you is the BSA Religious Emblem Knot.
It is a silver square knot set on a purple background.
Purple is the color of Spirituality and Royalty.  It suggests inspiration, compassion, and self-control.
Silver is said to be a mirror of the soul, or who you truly are.  Silver is truth, honesty, and clarity.  It is also a symbol of riches, just as gold is.
You have earned this Religious Emblem by practicing the religion of your home and cultivating your faith in God.
Here is the Religious Emblem Square Knot that you may wear over the left pocket of your Activity Uniform. The knot has a left and right side.  The rope loop covering the rope ends are always on the wearer's right.
Please accept this award and continue to grow your faith and relationship with God.
Would the rest of the pack join with me in congratulations for this award.

Water Changing Ceremony
Put some blue food coloring on a jar lid.  When dry, fill the jar 2/3 with water.  Be careful not to let the water touch the lid until the ceremony.  Have the person who is being recognized come up.  Announce that you have a truth test about their Cub Scout spirit.  Tell them that if they shake that jar of water and have enough cub scout spirit, the water will turn blue.  Have them shake it, and of course it turns blue.

I collected a bunch of ceremonies for my own use as Cubmaster.  I did not make any of these up.  You could find all of them on other blogs and sites.  Having said that, I am willing to share my collection here.  Just click to get to the document.

Ceremony Do's and Don'ts

Ceremonies To Do in the Den

Pack Ceremony Traditions (These are the ceremonies I once used over and over for a year, but now I change my ceremonies every month according to theme.)

Bobcat Advancement Ceremonies

Wolf Advancement Ceremonies

Bear Advancement Ceremonies

Webelos Activity Badge Ceremonies (Originally meant for Webelos weekly meetings for introduction of what badge will be started that month or to announce that the badge has been completed by the group, but more often has been used in Pack Meetings by either Cubmaster or the Webelos Leader when the whole Webelos group has earned a badge that month.)

What? Where are my Webelos Advancement Ceremonies?!  I'll let you know....IF I ever find them!

Arrow of Light Advancement Ceremonies

Arrow of Light Ceremony Using Volunteers Wearing Animal Masks
    Masks you can print on cardstock, color, cut out and use in the ceremony.
          Bobcat , WolfBear , Owl , BuffaloMt. LionEagle
    If you want to use over and over, then after you color and cut out mask, cover with contact paper, cut out leaving 1/8" around the edge, cut out eye holes, then either attach ribbon to tie on to head or elastic to stretch around head or attach to a pair of children's sunglasses.

Webelos to Boy Scouts Graduation Ceremonies

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