Saturday, February 11, 2012

Generic Ceremonies Creator

I got this "All Purpose, All Occasion, Do Anything, Generic Ceremonies Creator" from UNPC AUG 2012 Pow Wow Handouts, which was apparently taken from SCCC 2001 Pow Wow:

Directions for use:
     Choose one or more phrases from each list.
     Add your own personal words for each occasion.
     Assemble the props called for as you choose.
     Conduct the successful ceremony.

1. "Would the following please come forward?"
     Cub Scout               Leader           Special Event Chairman
     Webelos Scout        Parent            Special Guest

2.  (After the above have assembled) - "Before you is:"
     a candle          a drum                a bucket          a branch             
     a flashlight       a scout book      Akela              a neckerchief               
     a car key        a box                 your leader       a bridge               
     a tripod          a picture             a trail               etc.

3.  "This represents:"
     the Spirit of Scouting          good deeds               your future
     your accomplishments        our community           our pack
     fun and adventure              goodwill                     our dedication
     your advancements            our church                 the family
     your den                            the world                  character

4.  "You have earned this award by:"
     completing achievement     helping others            doing your best
     helping our pack               having a birthday        being the best ___
     helping boys grow            helping with ___         being a denner
     serving for ___ years       selling the most ___    etc.

5.  "Please accept this award and continue to:"
     help the pack go               grow strong              give goodwill
     do your best                     come to meetings      work hard
     follow Akela                     be the best you         help your son

6.  "Would the rest of the Pack join me in congratulations for this award."
Use a tasteful applause

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