Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ceremonial Cheat Sheet

THE SCROLL was a hit!  It was a last-minute addition, and an inspiration!  The boys were so curious and could hardly wait to find out what was in it. (I tied it closed until the ceremonies.) What it really was, was my ceremony cheat sheet.

It was at the Blue & Gold banquet, and I had a LOT of ceremonies to perform.  I know that memorizing is much preferred than reading, but although I have no stage fright, I draw blanks regularly or get tongue tied, so I find creative ways to read them or at least read notes.

This was a strip of red butcher paper (because it's what I had at home) with both ends wrapped around dowel.  (I'm sure you could come up with something better, with planning.)  On the inside I taped my ceremonies, which were printed on just regular white paper.  Nobody saw the other side but me.

A scroll could go well with Hawaiian, Medieval, or Scriptures themes.  Be sure, though, that you have a mic stand, because you will be using both hands to keep the scroll under control.

Along the lines of Ceremonial Cheat Sheets, I have also
*held up pictures and read from the back of them.  I've also
*made up a story for the ceremony, then at Pack Meeting I pulled out a large (12"x14") story book, put on a shawl and my granny glasses, and sat in a rocker to read the audience the story.

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