Thursday, March 1, 2012

Food Drive Scavenger Hunt

 Things you will need:
 * a limit of your choice:  time limit, neighborhood/street limit, # bags limit,       1 per item limit
 * boxes or strong bags for food
 * list of items to collect:    filled form 1 (page 2)  or  filled form 2 (page 3)  Or, make your own list.  Call the local food bank to see what they are most in need of, and give those items the most points on the list
 * pencils for groups and stations
 * maps of the neighborhood streets (highlight ahead of time which streets each car will cover)
 * enough vehicles to carry participants (3-4 boys + 2 adults, one of whom is Child Protection trained)
 * methods and items to weigh & measure
 * certificates or awards for: heaviest, bulkiest, most items, most points
 * return stations: 1) Record number items, 2) measure bulk, 3) weigh, 4) record points, 5) leave for item separation
 * 2 volunteers per station:  one to gather info (weigh, measure, etc.) and one for recording results
 * A truck, trailer, or empty van that will take all the food items to the local food bank

*  Explain the rules of the game, as well as what categories will be awarded
*  Separate cubs or kids into groups of 3-4 (or if you have all vans, 5-6)*   Give each group the items they need: 2 adults (one Child Protection trained) w/car, map, bags/boxes, scavenger list, pencil
*  Remind them of their limit and send them out
*  When they return with the collected, have them rotate through the stations, then help at the end with separating
*  Gather for awards
*  Refreshments! for a job well done

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