Saturday, March 3, 2012

Walk In My Shoes

A disability becomes a handicap, when it limits a person's potential. Many people with disabilities can lead full and active lives, if they are provided with essential support. 

Here are some ideas for a Pack Disabilities Awareness Night. For the full instructions of these activities, refer to the two sites I have included at the top of the page.  

I have tweaked an idea or two to fit the activity as I had experienced it at my local Cub Leader Pow Wow or what my pack has done in the past.  These ideas are to spark your own imagination on how to have the Cubs and Webelos experience a bit and learn compassion for kids in their classes or in their scouting units.  

Follow up with a discussion on specific ideas how to support someone who has an impairment or disability in Cub Scouting/Scouting or at their school/neighborhood.

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