Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm A Little Teapot

This very manly chant song starts with a beat: stomp, stomp, clap (hold) ; stomp, stomp, clap (hold) ; stomp, stomp, clap (hold) ; stomp, stomp, clap (hold) ... Keep the beat going throughout the song. This version on Youtube is a Repeat After Me, which is fantastic for learning. There are other versions on Youtube with cub scouts having a blast, but there's a lot of wasted space on the video, and the version I picked shows just how manly it is. You can also sing the whole song to the tune of "We Will Rock You", but in this version only the chorus is sung, while the verse is chanted.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Honesty Activity

Purpose: Give the cub scouts the opportunity to be honest. Here is a printable copy of these instructions. Preparation: Have several carnival type activities for the boys to participate in, each one being a separate station. Also, have a Cub Scout Customer Service Booth, and the currency that will be used by the Cub Scouts for each activity. (You can make your own, or use monopoly money or some other funny money.) Only two types of bills would be necessary, fives and ones. Each activity will cost $3.00 and the cost should be marked clearly at each station. (Cub Scout currency dollars.) Each boy is given two $5.00 bills in the currency. At each station, the station master takes the boys money bill and tells them that they will be given their change after the activity, if they need to be given change. The station master supervises the activity and then gives change. For every $5.00 bill received the station master gives $3.00 in change and whatever prize he has won, if any. (At every station for a $5.00 each boy is purposely given too much change, 3 one dollar bills.) This provides the boy with the temptation to keep the money and go play another game or try and correct the situation. Each station has a cost of $3.00. If the boy recognized that he was given too much change he may try to correct it at the station. The station master explains that he must go to the Cub Scout Customer Service Booth to rectify any problem or complaint. At the customer service booth the boys are to wait in line if necessary and told not to talk until after they are helped. The Customer Service attendant helps each boy one at a time and does so privately, (whispering so that no one else knows what is going on.) If the boy is being honest the attendant rewards the boy’s honesty and gives him an honesty card and allows him to keep the extra $1.00 received in change, and asks the boy not to say anything about it to any of the other boys. Once the boys are out of money they are asked to go to the “flat broke area” where they can play games or wait and think about their choices until the whole activity is stopped.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Map & Compass

To add to what we learned about compasses at 2011 Cub Day Camp, where we showed how a compass works and in a field took a compass bearing and followed it, here is a Maps & Compass Belt Loop & Pin requirements worksheet complete with map and grid paper, and following are some helps for earning the Maps & Compass Belt Loop & Pin: Cartography - the study and practice of making maps Cartographer - one who studies and writes maps (from Greek chartis = map and graphein = write) Cartography is all about symbols. Symbols are markings that represents something. A symbol can be a line, a color, or a picture. Here are ten common map symbols and their meanings to mix and match. Although extremely easily identified, after playing this match game, the boys will notice these pictures more often on roads and maps. Using a map and a compass, here's instructions how to orient a map. Colors can mean many things on a map, but this article describes common uses for certain colors if you scroll down the page.

Jumping Beans

One of the boys' favorite activities at Day Camp this year (2011) was making and playing with homemade jumping bean toys. It is easy and quick to make and funny to watch its eratic movements. Have fun with one rolling around your hand or race them down an incline. The secret is the ordinary marble you place on the inside of the paper or foil bean.

Hikes and Nature Scavenger Hunts

Here is a second collection of hike ideas, to keep the cubs' minds busy and present (not to get to the end of the hike fast). There are also a couple of scavenger hunts. I particularly like the Camera Scavenger Hunt, because the Outdoor Code is about "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints".

Neckerchief Slides

You can never have too many neckerchief slides! Anything can be a neckerchief slide in an emergancy: a metal washer, a wire twist tie, a rubber band, a large metal nut. However, it's fun to have fun neckerchief slides. A leader can give them out to only those who are on time, a door prize, to introduce a theme, an activity for the boys to do, a gift for a job well done or birthday, or as an award for earning 20 beads on the den doodle. Woggle World and The Slide Show are two very helpful sites about neckerchief slides in general. Woggle World has many pictures. The Slide Show has many ideas and tips, and even tells how to keep even heavy slides from falling off. imsuperbored tells how to shrink snack chip bags, but instead of making it into a keychain, attach a piece of flexible tubing to the back for a neckerchief slide.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Youth Protection Training for Parents and Cubs

Every Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader must be Youth Protection Trained before they turn in their application, then they must pass a background check before they can be with the boys, then they must retake the Youth Protection Training (YPT) every 2 years they serve as a BSA leader. Parents are encouraged to take Youth Protection Training as well, and they don't have to be registered with the BSA to do so. Click YPT to get to a page on where you can take the course online as well as read online The Guide To Safe Scouting. In addition, there are other resources for teaching kids how to be safe. Power Pack Pals comic books keep the interest of the Cub Scouts. There is one dedicated to internet safety ( 20 cents per copy), one dedicated to personal safety, especially from bulling (20 cents per copy), and another two that talk about saying no to drugs -- one is the teacher guide ($1 each). These can be bought in both English and Spanish in the BSA Store near you. There are also two fantastic movies, one for Cub Scouts and one for Boy Scouts, that talk about and role play how to recognize, get away from, and talk to an adult-who-will-help, about the sensitive subject of molestation. These movies have been scrutinized and approved by multiple child psychologists. The DVD for Cub Scouts is called It Happened to Me. It is recommended that a parent watches the DVD before showing it to their children. It Happened to Me should never be shown in a Den Meeting, but it is recommended by the BSA to watch it in Pack Meeting once a year. April is Youth Protection Month, but it is appropriate any time in the year. Before showing this DVD in an LDS unit, a Bishop should watch it first. (Parents may watch it anytime - but this is for approval for Pack Meeting). If he feels it is needed, he can request the parents watch it. Only after all the parents have watched it (may be done together, without kids), then it may be shown in Pack Meeting in the LDS Church.

Cub Scout Cheers

I'd like to call them "Cheezy Cheers". They mean more to a boy than an adult could ever understand. Just adding these cheezy cheers to congratulate a job well done will stimulate all the boys to do more Cub Scouting at home and earn their awards. Why? Because they are boys ages 8-10! Click CHEERS to be brought to a pdf file from macscouter with 9 pages of cheers to print, cut, and place in your CHEER box! These cheers are meant to be used in the dens, as well.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Human-Size Board Games (esp. Wolf den)

Think of a board game that kids like to play. You might choose Candyland, Monopoly, Battle Ship, Trouble, or Life, or you could use elements of several of your favorites and make up your own game. I have chosen Snakes and Ladders (Chutes and Ladders). Purchase or make a giant die to roll (i.e, out of a 1-foot square box), or make a giant 2-foot square spinner (or convert your Twister spinner). The Cub Scouts are their own game pieces. The week before the game, give your den homework to talk with their parents about the rules in their house. For instance, if you are a Wolf den, have them go home to pass off with their parents Requirements 4: Know Your Home and Community, 9: Be Safe At Home and On the Street, 11: Duty to God, and 12: Making Choices. The day of the game, go to an empty parking lot and draw a giant game board of your choice with sidewalkchalk, with like 4-foot squares or something, on the parking lot blacktop. Use the situations in their homework assignment for the game. If they can give an answer of what their family does, they roll the die or spin the spinner and move. If they cannot give an answer, they stay where they are without rolling the die, or you can give them another question if you want. If they give an obviously wrong answer (particularly if they are wise-cracking), they go back - just be sure they don't land on a ladder! Use opportunities like these to discuss possible correct answers. You can reuse the questions, because every family has a different correct answer.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Candy Bar Wrappers

Looks great. Easy. Inexpensive. Click HERE to get to The Idea Door to see and print the cute (don't call them "cute" in front of a cub) colorful cub scout wrappers she got from Sweet Memories & More. They wrap around the 1.55 oz. Hershey's candy bars. You can use them as awards for your Pinewood Derby, a thank you gift, on time drawing, welcome to our pack gift, or to award 20 beads on the den doodle. I'm sure you can think up more.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Turk's Neck Woggle Slide (Webelos)

Known as both a Woggle and a Turk's Neck, this neckerchief slide is fascinating. It takes about a half-hour to learn for a group of adults, but once it's learned well it only takes about 5 minutes to make. Suitable for Webelos and older. Click HERE for instructions.

Pipe Cleaner Creature Craft

What a great idea. The boys will love making these and showing them off at home. Or, you could make a ring on the back with another piece of pipe cleaner for a cute neckerchief slide! Click HERE for instructions how to make these creatures out of pipe cleaners.