Thursday, July 21, 2011

Human-Size Board Games (esp. Wolf den)

Think of a board game that kids like to play. You might choose Candyland, Monopoly, Battle Ship, Trouble, or Life, or you could use elements of several of your favorites and make up your own game. I have chosen Snakes and Ladders (Chutes and Ladders). Purchase or make a giant die to roll (i.e, out of a 1-foot square box), or make a giant 2-foot square spinner (or convert your Twister spinner). The Cub Scouts are their own game pieces. The week before the game, give your den homework to talk with their parents about the rules in their house. For instance, if you are a Wolf den, have them go home to pass off with their parents Requirements 4: Know Your Home and Community, 9: Be Safe At Home and On the Street, 11: Duty to God, and 12: Making Choices. The day of the game, go to an empty parking lot and draw a giant game board of your choice with sidewalkchalk, with like 4-foot squares or something, on the parking lot blacktop. Use the situations in their homework assignment for the game. If they can give an answer of what their family does, they roll the die or spin the spinner and move. If they cannot give an answer, they stay where they are without rolling the die, or you can give them another question if you want. If they give an obviously wrong answer (particularly if they are wise-cracking), they go back - just be sure they don't land on a ladder! Use opportunities like these to discuss possible correct answers. You can reuse the questions, because every family has a different correct answer.

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