Monday, July 25, 2011

Neckerchief Slides

You can never have too many neckerchief slides! Anything can be a neckerchief slide in an emergancy: a metal washer, a wire twist tie, a rubber band, a large metal nut. However, it's fun to have fun neckerchief slides. A leader can give them out to only those who are on time, a door prize, to introduce a theme, an activity for the boys to do, a gift for a job well done or birthday, or as an award for earning 20 beads on the den doodle. Woggle World and The Slide Show are two very helpful sites about neckerchief slides in general. Woggle World has many pictures. The Slide Show has many ideas and tips, and even tells how to keep even heavy slides from falling off. imsuperbored tells how to shrink snack chip bags, but instead of making it into a keychain, attach a piece of flexible tubing to the back for a neckerchief slide.

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