Monday, July 25, 2011

Map & Compass

To add to what we learned about compasses at 2011 Cub Day Camp, where we showed how a compass works and in a field took a compass bearing and followed it, here is a Maps & Compass Belt Loop & Pin requirements worksheet complete with map and grid paper, and following are some helps for earning the Maps & Compass Belt Loop & Pin: Cartography - the study and practice of making maps Cartographer - one who studies and writes maps (from Greek chartis = map and graphein = write) Cartography is all about symbols. Symbols are markings that represents something. A symbol can be a line, a color, or a picture. Here are ten common map symbols and their meanings to mix and match. Although extremely easily identified, after playing this match game, the boys will notice these pictures more often on roads and maps. Using a map and a compass, here's instructions how to orient a map. Colors can mean many things on a map, but this article describes common uses for certain colors if you scroll down the page.

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