Friday, July 22, 2011

Youth Protection Training for Parents and Cubs

Every Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader must be Youth Protection Trained before they turn in their application, then they must pass a background check before they can be with the boys, then they must retake the Youth Protection Training (YPT) every 2 years they serve as a BSA leader. Parents are encouraged to take Youth Protection Training as well, and they don't have to be registered with the BSA to do so. Click YPT to get to a page on where you can take the course online as well as read online The Guide To Safe Scouting. In addition, there are other resources for teaching kids how to be safe. Power Pack Pals comic books keep the interest of the Cub Scouts. There is one dedicated to internet safety ( 20 cents per copy), one dedicated to personal safety, especially from bulling (20 cents per copy), and another two that talk about saying no to drugs -- one is the teacher guide ($1 each). These can be bought in both English and Spanish in the BSA Store near you. There are also two fantastic movies, one for Cub Scouts and one for Boy Scouts, that talk about and role play how to recognize, get away from, and talk to an adult-who-will-help, about the sensitive subject of molestation. These movies have been scrutinized and approved by multiple child psychologists. The DVD for Cub Scouts is called It Happened to Me. It is recommended that a parent watches the DVD before showing it to their children. It Happened to Me should never be shown in a Den Meeting, but it is recommended by the BSA to watch it in Pack Meeting once a year. April is Youth Protection Month, but it is appropriate any time in the year. Before showing this DVD in an LDS unit, a Bishop should watch it first. (Parents may watch it anytime - but this is for approval for Pack Meeting). If he feels it is needed, he can request the parents watch it. Only after all the parents have watched it (may be done together, without kids), then it may be shown in Pack Meeting in the LDS Church.

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