Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Honesty Activity

Purpose: Give the cub scouts the opportunity to be honest. Here is a printable copy of these instructions. Preparation: Have several carnival type activities for the boys to participate in, each one being a separate station. Also, have a Cub Scout Customer Service Booth, and the currency that will be used by the Cub Scouts for each activity. (You can make your own, or use monopoly money or some other funny money.) Only two types of bills would be necessary, fives and ones. Each activity will cost $3.00 and the cost should be marked clearly at each station. (Cub Scout currency dollars.) Each boy is given two $5.00 bills in the currency. At each station, the station master takes the boys money bill and tells them that they will be given their change after the activity, if they need to be given change. The station master supervises the activity and then gives change. For every $5.00 bill received the station master gives $3.00 in change and whatever prize he has won, if any. (At every station for a $5.00 each boy is purposely given too much change, 3 one dollar bills.) This provides the boy with the temptation to keep the money and go play another game or try and correct the situation. Each station has a cost of $3.00. If the boy recognized that he was given too much change he may try to correct it at the station. The station master explains that he must go to the Cub Scout Customer Service Booth to rectify any problem or complaint. At the customer service booth the boys are to wait in line if necessary and told not to talk until after they are helped. The Customer Service attendant helps each boy one at a time and does so privately, (whispering so that no one else knows what is going on.) If the boy is being honest the attendant rewards the boy’s honesty and gives him an honesty card and allows him to keep the extra $1.00 received in change, and asks the boy not to say anything about it to any of the other boys. Once the boys are out of money they are asked to go to the “flat broke area” where they can play games or wait and think about their choices until the whole activity is stopped.

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