Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ceremonial Cheat Sheet

THE SCROLL was a hit!  It was a last-minute addition, and an inspiration!  The boys were so curious and could hardly wait to find out what was in it. (I tied it closed until the ceremonies.) What it really was, was my ceremony cheat sheet.

It was at the Blue & Gold banquet, and I had a LOT of ceremonies to perform.  I know that memorizing is much preferred than reading, but although I have no stage fright, I draw blanks regularly or get tongue tied, so I find creative ways to read them or at least read notes.

This was a strip of red butcher paper (because it's what I had at home) with both ends wrapped around dowel.  (I'm sure you could come up with something better, with planning.)  On the inside I taped my ceremonies, which were printed on just regular white paper.  Nobody saw the other side but me.

A scroll could go well with Hawaiian, Medieval, or Scriptures themes.  Be sure, though, that you have a mic stand, because you will be using both hands to keep the scroll under control.

Along the lines of Ceremonial Cheat Sheets, I have also
*held up pictures and read from the back of them.  I've also
*made up a story for the ceremony, then at Pack Meeting I pulled out a large (12"x14") story book, put on a shawl and my granny glasses, and sat in a rocker to read the audience the story.

Cub Scout Service Projects

At the bottom of this post is a link to a bunch of ideas I've found. 

First, the following items to consider for a service project is found in 
1.  Does it serve a real need?
2.  Is it within the boys’ ability and understanding?
3.  Does it show dignity and privacy of the people being helped?
4.  Does it make the best use of time and money being spent?
5.  Is it a project that the boys are interested in?
6.  Can it be supervised adequately?

Here is the HUGE list of Cub Scout Service Projects

Fishing for Awards

At the Feb 2012 Roundtable, the Guest Speaker talked about the importance of ceremonies to the boys.  He demonstrated a ceremony he uses in his Pack, Goin' Fishin'.

You know this fishing game, where you hang up some blue material, maybe you embellish with pictures of fish or a fishing net, or maybe you leave the material blank.  The cub holds the rod, and someone throws over the hook, which is a clothes pin or something similar.

A person behind the "water" then puts the award card (holding the award) or the patch into the clothes pin and yanks the line, letting the cub and attending Cubmaster know that the cub has caught something.  They bring up the line, or reel it in, to obtain the award.

Pay It Forward

At Roundtable Rachel Hawley gave an idea on a service project  "You've Been Served".  "I thought of the idea when someone BOO'd us [for Halloween]."  It the same thing, but in services. 

Her scouts have done it twice and love it!  Here are the links to the poem and instructions and the picture for the door.

You can pass off One Faith In God, and in Bears you can pass off 9f 9A and 9D.  She broke them into groups - just two - and made two batches of cookies.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day Camp Preparedness Checklist

Here is a link to a Day Camp Checklist.  This is specific to Jeremiah Johnson Day Camp and Pony Express District Day Camp, but I'm sure it'll help for any Cub Scout Day Camp.  Some things are pretty general, and some things will give you ideas on questions to ask. ;)

FREEEE Field Trip Ideas & thensome

At last week's Roundtable the Den Leader Intermediate class discussed some FREE Field Trip ideas. I have listed here some of the one's we discussed as well as some additional ones. Each one has a link to a page with the patch & detailed information. REMEMBER some of these field trips are FREE if leaders and Scouts are in Uniform, otherwise there IS a fee. Make sure you pay attention to those. Another reminder, the patches themselves are NOT free. There is a small cost for the patch itself. Keep in mind that some of these are located in Salt Lake County...NOT Utah County. Always remember to fill out a Tour Plan (and submit to the Council, if required) & to get Permission Slips (or this one)!!  It is also good to make sure all boys have a current Annual Health & Medical Record on file (Parts A & B). 

Here is the handout that was passed out at Feb 2012 Cub Scout Roundtable.  This is for the Utah and Salt Lake Counties only, and it is not an exhaustive list. It will, however, give people ideas of possible field trips in their area. It does include many of the field trips mentioned below, but includes many other ideas as well.  It ONLY includes truly FREE field trips in our area.

Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine Visitors Center phone 801-252-3234
Tours available April 1-Oct 31 Open 8am-8pm Seven Days a Week
Entrance fee is waived for all vehicles with Scouts & Leaders in unifrom. Otherwise cost is $4 per car.

Monte L. Bean Museum: Located on the East side of the Marriott Center on the BYU Campus
801-422-5051 Mon-Fri 10am-9pm  Sat 10am-5pm
A packet to help earn the patch is located at the Council office as well as at the information desk at the Museum. You can also print it off yourself if you'd like.
*Live reptile shows are scheduled and offered to the public on Monday evenings at 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. and on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Shows for private groups can be scheduled free of charge by calling the museum at

Wheeler Historic Farm: 6351 South 900 East Murray
Hours: 9:30am-5:30pm Year Round (If you are there at 5pm the boys can milk a cow for .50cents each).
Reservations avail for large groups, call 801-264-2241

This Is The Place Heritage Park 2601 E Sunnyside Ave SLC (across from Hogle Zoo) 801-582-1847
The Visitor Center, Monument & Grounds are open Year Round Mon-Sat from 9am-5pm
Old Deseret Village Memorial Day-Labor Day Mon-Sat 10am-5pm
No Fee for Scouts & Leaders in Uniform; Otherwise Scouts $4, Leaders/Adults $6
*(On the Salt Lake Councils website it states that there is a discounted cost for scouts & leaders in uniform, I am double checking to see if it is indeed free while in uniform or if there is just a discount..update coming soon)

Hogle Zoo: 2600 East Sunnyside Avenue SLC 801-584-4551
March 1-Oct 31 9am-5pm, Grounds close at 6:30pm
Nov 1-Feb 28 9am-4pm, Grounds close at 5:30pm
*Free on the LAST Wednesday of the month from November-March

Otherwise, Scouts and two leaders per 10 Scouts may receive $1.00 off admission if in uniform. Additional guests will be charged regular price admission.

Museum of Peoples and Cultures 700 North 100 East Provo (1 block from Brick Oven) 801-422-0020 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Evenings m\by arrangement
There are usually 2 patches available at a time, one for each exhibit. Questions to answer to earn patches are available at the Museum.

Utah County Freedom Festival Patch
Do 5 activities listed online

Utah County Trails Patch
Follow activities listed online

Utah Firefighters Museum & Memorial Located at Deseret Peaks Complex in Tooele: 2390 SR 112
Open to the public Fri & Sat from 11am-3pm
For more info & tour times call 435-843-4040 or to make an appt w/Dave Hammond 435-830-6556
*(The Salt Lake Councils site indicates that there is a $1 donation per person admission. I will also double check on this).

U of  U Observatory  Located on top of South Physics Building, 1400 East and 175 South SLC
Make reservations by calling 801-581-6901

U of U Physics Lab North Physics Building, 1400 East and 115 South \
Make reservations by calling 801-581-6901

Museum of Natural History Walk 1390 E. Presidents Cir. (220 S.) SLC 801-581-5567 or 801-581-4303
Mon-Sat 9:30am-5pm Sunday 12pm-5pm Cost w/uniform: Leader $4, Scout $2.50
FREE admission & open 9:30am-8pm on the 1st Monday of each month

Benson Gristmill 325 State Road 138 Stansbury Park (near tooele) 801-435-7678
For groups larger than 15 please call ahead.
Open May 2-Oct 31 Mon-Sat 10am-4pm Admission is FREE however donations are gladly accepted.  

Sons of Utah Pioneers
The Hollady Chapter of the SUP has joined with UNPC to create a patch for our boys to learn about the pioneer heritage in our area.The cost of the patch is available for $3 through:
Preston Hunt 4933 South 1575nWest Taylorsville, UT 84123 801-266-8216
       To earn this patch, the Scout with their Leader must visit a Historical Building, Monument or a place that represents the Pioneer History of that area and do the following:
1. Learn the Pionner history of that place and why it is important.
2. Write a short story about your experience and what it means to you.
3. Fill out a pedigree chart of your ancestors and tell a story about them.
4. Find out who is the earliest pioneer of your area and when they came to that area.
5. Have your Scout Leader pass you off on these requirements and sign that you have accomplished these things.

There is a SUP Library in SLC you can take a tour of. If you are interested in that click on the link above and it will take you to their website.

I thought I would also list some more Field Trip ideas. These ones DO cost money but they are fairly inexpensive.

Camp Floyd State Park 18035 West 1540 North Fairfield (approx. 22 miles west of Lehi) 801-768-8932
Open year round Mon-Sat 9am-5pm (excluding certain holidays)
Children up to 5 are free; Adult or Child $2

John Hutchings Museum of Natural History 55 North Center Street Lehi 801-768-7180
Open Tues-Sat 11am-5pm A reservation is required.
Leaders $3, Scouts $2

May - Health & Fitness


1.  Value of Handwashing: Here’s a 55-minute handwashing science activityYou’ll need some germ-glowing agent.  The least expensive I’ve found is GloGerm  ($5.50 for 25 applications in a 2 oz bottle)

2.  Figuring Out Food Labels: This is a place you can learn about it to teach kids.

3. First Aid Neckerchief Slide:  Start with a plastic 35 mm film canister.  Make a red cross with red electrical tape on the front of the canister.  Glue a twist tie, aluminum ring, or piece of pvc pipe on the back.  Put inside the canister: Self-adhesive bandages with first aid ointment.  Alcohol pads.  

4. Chicken Dinner Neckerchief Slide:  Start with a plastic 35 mm film canister.  Tape on the front “Complete Chicken Dinner”.  Glue a twist tie, aluminum ring, or piece of pvc pip on the back.  Put inside the canister: 2 dried corn kernels

5. Cub Olympics: It would be fun to coordinate with other dens within or outside of your own pack.  Here’s one idea how to organize a Cub Olympics.

6. Silly Olympics:  Here is another cub olympics, based on world olympic activities

7. Sports Belt Loops:  Pick a sport, individual or team.  All the belt loops have three requirements:  Explain the rules, Practice the skills for 30 minutes, then play a game.

8. Go Hiking:  In 2009 a Hiking Belt Loop was added -- earn it. Or, go on a Geocaching hike around your area.  Or, simply go on a den hike.  Two documents that give hike ideas are found at this link and this one.

*Anytime you take your cubs away from home for an outdoor activity, one of the attending leaders ought to have Hazardous Weather training first.  Go to this page, scroll down to Hazardous Weather, then log into your MyScouting to take the course.  http://scouting.org/training/adult.aspx

9. Fitness Center:  Take a field trip to a Fitness Center.  Ask an employee to give a tour of the fitness equipment, demonstrating the proper way to use them, then let the boys practice using the equipment correctly -- always under adult supervision.

10. Swimming:  *Remember that any time you take cub scouts in water, one attending leader must get Safe Swim Defense trained first.  Go to this page, scroll down to Safe Swim Defense, then log in to your MyScouting to take the course. http://scouting.org/training/adult.aspx  *In addition, anytime you go away from home for an outdoor activity, one attending leader ought to have Hazardous Weather training, which can be found on the same page further down.

Power Point Games

These classroom games were created in PowerPoint and LOOK very attractive and user-friendly.  

Download the templates and modify the games to fit your curriculum needs here.

Lots of whole class participation games similar to Jeopardy,Wheel of Fortune, Pyramid, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, Password, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, and more.

Feb 2012: I just found another site with 52 more power point game templates.  Click here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cub Scout Certificates

Here are 93 Scouting and Cub Scouting certificates - some horizontal and some vertical - (13 that are only for Cub Scouts, but many others that work for Cub Scout Awards, as well) that you personalize and print from your computer.  Check them out!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ceremonial Artificial Campfire

I found this in a handout from UNPC Aug 2012 Pow Wow Handouts.

Artificial Campfire

From Lowes or other hardware store:  Cost - just under $10 
          ceramic light fixture
          plastic electric box (25-30 cents - usually blue or gray & is set behind drywall to house the wiring)
          15 foot extension cord (or you can use a cord cut off from an old appliance, like a vacuum)
          40/60 watt cfl (twisty) bulb
From Central Utah Electrical Supply, 735 S. State St., Provo:  Cost - $14
          dimmer switch (one that you can plug into - see step 3, below)
Optional, from Radio Shack:
          small speakers to attach to iPod for fire sound effects
Fire sound effects - CD can be found online from several sources or individual sound tracks can be purchased from sources like iTunes.
Red, orange, yellow cellophane or tissue paper or other item to create flames (usually found at an office supply store or craft store)

1.  Using wire cutters, cut off the end of the extension cord that receives plugs. DO NOT cut off the end that plugs into the wall. Strip insulation cover from wires to expose about 1 inch of wire.  Split enough of cord to make it  easy to wire to light fixture.
2.  Feed end of exposed wire into the bottom wire opening in the electrical box. Attach wires to the screws on the bottom of the light fixture following enclosed package directions. Attach light fixture to the electrical box with screws in the fixture package. Add light bulb.
3.  Plug end of extension cord into the dimmer switch. Plug dimmer switch into another extension cord and plug into the wall. Turn on dimmer switch to test.
4.  Shape flames into a tube or cone shape and place around and above bulb.

Build your artificial fire by placing your light and speakers on the floor where you will be building your fire. Tape cords to the floor if needed to prevent tripping. Stake logs around the light and speakers to hide the mechanics of your fire. Enjoy.

*I don't know how this is done, but I've heard about putting small fans from old computers in the fire to make the "flames" dance.  That would be cool.  I've also heard of artificial smoke machines and smoke smells.  I'll let you find it, though ;)

Generic Ceremonies Creator

I got this "All Purpose, All Occasion, Do Anything, Generic Ceremonies Creator" from UNPC AUG 2012 Pow Wow Handouts, which was apparently taken from SCCC 2001 Pow Wow:

Directions for use:
     Choose one or more phrases from each list.
     Add your own personal words for each occasion.
     Assemble the props called for as you choose.
     Conduct the successful ceremony.

1. "Would the following please come forward?"
     Cub Scout               Leader           Special Event Chairman
     Webelos Scout        Parent            Special Guest

2.  (After the above have assembled) - "Before you is:"
     a candle          a drum                a bucket          a branch             
     a flashlight       a scout book      Akela              a neckerchief               
     a car key        a box                 your leader       a bridge               
     a tripod          a picture             a trail               etc.

3.  "This represents:"
     the Spirit of Scouting          good deeds               your future
     your accomplishments        our community           our pack
     fun and adventure              goodwill                     our dedication
     your advancements            our church                 the family
     your den                            the world                  character

4.  "You have earned this award by:"
     completing achievement     helping others            doing your best
     helping our pack               having a birthday        being the best ___
     helping boys grow            helping with ___         being a denner
     serving for ___ years       selling the most ___    etc.

5.  "Please accept this award and continue to:"
     help the pack go               grow strong              give goodwill
     do your best                     come to meetings      work hard
     follow Akela                     be the best you         help your son

6.  "Would the rest of the Pack join me in congratulations for this award."
Use a tasteful applause

Aug 2012 Handouts

Here is a link to the Pow Wow handouts from the  Utah National Parks Council August 2012 Pow Wow: 
If that link doesn't work for you, go to UtahScouts.org, hover the mouse over Cub Scouting in the left-hand bar and click on "Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow."  That will take you to the Pow Wow page, which has a link to the handouts. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

April - Faith

February's Roundtable (because our RT is at the end of the month) we are previewing April's Value: Faith.  Here are some activities focusing on Faith, how to connect any activity with any core value, and a few ideas on how to encourage and implement the LDS Faith In God into the Cub Scouting program.

Themes that go well with Faith: Scripture Heroes, Patriots, Pilgrims, Pioneers, Stars, Campfire

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Craftsman - Fire Starter

Webelos Craftsman: Make 4 useful things (non-wood)

My 11-year-old son went on his first Snow Camping trip last weekend.  The older, more experienced scouts were building the fire, but having a tough time keeping the flame long enough to catch the kindling on fire.
My son gave them one of these fire starters that he made a couple of years ago at home.  It doesn't look like much, but not only did it light right up, it kept the flame going long enough to get the dinner fire going.  The older boys were very grateful for his homemade useful item.

Webelos boys will be going camping in the next year.  A homemade fire starter is a very useful thing to have, so easy to make, and very inexpensive.  Also, backpackers want to carry very little weight, and this very useful item weighs VERY little!
What you need: 
A cardboard egg carton with the sections cut apart
Clothes dryer lint
A candle
Matches or lighter.
(To make it more obvious it was from an egg carton, we didn't cut the sections apart for the pictures, but you only need one section per fire.)
Put lint in the egg carton section, then drip wax over the top of the lint.  The dripped wax serves to 1) hold the fire longer, 2) hold the lint in place in the egg carton section, and 3) waterproofs the lint from the top.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


As a Former Cubmaster I found that just adding a hat or some type of costume to a ceremony made the ceremony special for that Cubscout. These were found at WinCo for $4.98. I immediately thought of Cubscouts.

POW WOW 2012

Make Your Voice Heard! Help with our 2012 Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow! Now taking Applications for Staff Positions. Click here for application The Pow Wow Executive Committee is made up of volunteer scouters with a professional scouting advisers. Positions Available: * Executive Committee Member * Sub-committee Member * Teacher * Set-up/Clean-up Crew Member Sub-committee: * Facilities * Promotions *Registration *Classes *Food * Midway * Blue & Gold Banquet * Morale/Decorations