Friday, March 9, 2012

Health & Fitness Pack Meeting Ideas

This was in a handout provided by the hosting units (stake).

These activities can be fun for the boys during summer, but they can all be done in the gym during the cold moths of the year. They are a good way to keep an aspect of fitness in pack meetings.  These activities are fun but have enough structure to not get out of hand. They are also good activities for team building. many of them can be used as an object lesson to discuss unity in the pack.

Relay Races:
have the boys separate into two teams. Have each team separate into two sections, one on either side of the set distance. When the race starts have one of the boys from each team race to the other side of distance and touch the hand of a teammate. The relay continues until the last boy's hand is touched and he finishes his leg of the race.
Variations: Crab walk, Bear Walk, Run backwards, skip, hop on one leg, when tagged to five pushups or sit-ups and then run to the other side, whatever else you can dream up.

Tennis Ball Relay: Same format as above, have each boy run to his waiting teammate with a ball under their chin. They have to pass the ball without dropping it to under the chin of a teammate.

Partner Relays:
Same format as above, but complete in airs.
Variations: Three legged race. Tennis Ball Races: Each pair has a tennis ball, they have to make it from one side of the distance to the other while keeping it held between their foreheads, held between their backs. If it drops they have to go back and restart.

Balloon War: This is a good activity for the gym. Give each boy a balloon and length of yarn. have each boy blow up the balloon and tie one end of the yarn to their ankle and other end to the balloon. At go all of the boys try to pop eachother's balloons while keeping their balloon safe. The boy with the last surviving balloon wins.

Sentry: blindfold two boys and have them "stand as sentries" in the middle of the playing field. Divide the rest of the boys into two teams. Send two boys, one from each team, through the sentries. The object is to sneak by them without getting detected. The team that has the most boys make it through the sentries undetected wins.

Team Ball Carry:  Get a ring and tie several lengths of yarn to it. It's okay if they are varied lengths. Have one boy for every piece of yarn. Have each boy hold their piece of yarn and fan out from the ring holding it up off the ground. Place a ball in the ring and have the boys practice holding their yarn and keeping the ball steady, not dropping it. When they get the hang of it have them move from one point to another. Each boy has to keep his string taut so the ball doesn't drop. If they drop the ball, they have o restart. If they can master this then make them go through an obstacle course, around chair, under tables, etc. This activity is a good one for illustrating the importance of teamwork in the pack.

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