Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turn Back the Clock Blue & Gold 2012

The Blue & Gold Banquet is a Cub Scout pack's birthday celebration for the BSA.
It is also a time for receiving ranks and other awards.
Traditionally the Blue & Gold Banquet is held in February.
The Core Value for February is ALWAYS Resourcefulness.
The optional theme for 2012's Blue & Gold Banquet is "Turn Back the Clock"
Your Blue & Gold might be a Banquet or might be a party, depending on your ... RESOURCES.

    Communities and families are all about combining our talents, resources, and effort. We've lived in an unusually booming economy for 30 years. We've gotten so far away from that, on one side we don't want to bother anybody, and on the other side we feel a useless resource. Before the 1980's it was normal, expected, and appreciated to use leftovers and ask for help. Our economy is no longer booming, and it's time to harness and practice the skill of Resourcefulness. Talk about Turning Back The Clock!
    Not wanting to “require” people to donate anything, last year for our Blue & Gold we bought several pounds of rice and divided them among those who offered to make it. Turns out all of them had plenty of rice they would have gladly donated. We ended up wasting our budget resource and went over budget simply because we didn't ask or give opportunity. 
    For one Bear Den meeting we bought birdseed and had a ton left over. Turns out one of the other dens (Wolf or Webelos) had just bought seed for their den the month before and would have loved to give away their extra birdseed. This is one of the purposes of Monthly Pack Planning Meeting: to tell what we are doing in our dens for the next month to take advantage of our resources, be it material for building, be it local expertise that would love to teach the boys, or whatever.
    USE YOUR RESOURCES so that you don't waste committee budget resources. Find leftovers, talent, knowledge, experience, whatever. You don't know what all of your resources are until you ask. The boys will be blessed for it. Everyone will be blessed for it. People will start to regain their self-worth again.

Turn Back the Clock - 2012 Blue & Gold Banquet - Theme Ideas

Snoopy (dog houses, Peanut’s characters, stuffed dogs, dog biscuits/bowls)
Monopoly (chance cards, jail, play money, house/hotels, properties, pawns)
Baseball (Positions, ball/bats, bases, diamond, stadium, scoreboard, pennants)
Olympics (Medals, trophies, theme music, 3x5’ flags, award stands, torch, events, countries)
Indian Lore (Teepees, bows/arrows, artifacts, buffaloes, dream catchers, animal hides, drums, totem poles, horses, camp fires)
Trains (Station, models, luggage, tickets, conductor, sound effects, tracks)
Patriotic (Flags, eagles, bunting, campaigns, town crier, 1776, scroll)
Presidents (silhouettes, flags, buttons, slogans, band music, donkeys, elephants, quill pens)
Country Store (dry goods, candy jars, sacks, counter, prices, crates, lanterns)
Medieval (banners, armor, knights, castles, jousting, dragons)
Pirates (ships, treasure chests, skull/crossbones, eye patch, gold, maps, parrots, cannons)
School (Chalkboards, report cards, apples, rulers, alphabet, globes, houses, playground, bell)
Western (cattle, brands, irons, campfires, chuck wagons, rail, fence, hay bales, wood wheel)
Farms (barns, tractors, implements, hay bales, silos, fences, animals, pies)
Boys Club (club houses, “boys only” signs,make baking contest)
Noah’s Ark (Ark, animals, rainbow, dove, water, raindrops)
Library (books, stands, shelves, carts, titles, magazines, card catalog, Dewey Decimals)
It's About Time (Clocks, Minute to Win It, Families, Skit in a Minute)
Roots of Scouting (There are at least 3 actors who portrait Lord Baden-Powell.  I only have contact info for one in our area:)  David Nielsen 801-756-9265(h), 801-787-6583(c),
New Testament, Book of Mormon, or Mormon Pioneers
Choose any time or event in History (Gold Rush, Wright Bros., Renaissance, Cavemen & Dinosaurs, The Great Depression,1950s)
Back to the Future / Enchantment Under the Sea
The Time Machine / Steam Punk

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