Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Combined Den Leader Training Award 2012

Den Leader Training Award
This award has replaced the Tiger Cub Den Leader Award,
the Cub Scout Den Leader Award, and the Webelos Den Leader Award
Scouters already working on one of the older awards may continue with the previous requirements until December 31,2012. Those starting work should use the new requirements.
Links to the old requirements may be found at

Note: This award can be earned as a Tiger Cub Den Leader, Wolf Cub Scout Den Leader, Bear Cub Scout Den Leader,and Webelos Den Leader. It can be earned in each position, but tenure may be used only for one award. A tiny device pin is attached to indicate whether the award was earned as a Tiger Den Leader, Cub Den Leader or a Webelos DenLeader.

Complete one year as a registered den leader in the position selected. Tiger Cub den leader’s tenure can be the programyear as long as it is greater than eight months.
1. Complete the basic training for the selected den leader position.
2. Complete This Is Scouting training.
3. Attend a pow wow or university of Scouting (or equivalent), or attend at least four roundtables (or equivalent) during the tenure used for this award.
Do five of the following during the tenure used for this award:
1. Have an assistant den leader who meets regularly with your den.
2. Have a den chief who meets regularly with your den.
3. Graduate at least 70 percent of your den to the next level.
4. Take leade3rship in planning and conducting a den service project.
5. Have a published den meeting/activity schedule for the den's parents.
6. participate with your den in a Cub Scout day camp or resident camp.
7. Complete Basic Adult leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO).
8. Complete Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos leaders.
9. Participate with your den in at least one family camp; if your den is a Webelos den, participate with your den in at least two overnight camps.
10. take leadership in planning two den outdoor activities.
11. Hold monthly den meeting and den activity planning sessions with your assistant den leaders. 

For a fillable form PDF progress record for this award, go to
(2012 printing)

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