Monday, August 20, 2012

Evaluating Your Program

At our last Round Table, our Intermediate Den Leader Class discussed the importance of evaluating your program. While it's important to evaluate from a leaders' point of view, doing so from the boys' view is critical. We are all there to make sure the boys enjoy themselves and learn. If our programs are not interesting and engaging for them, what do we expect the results to be?

The question that affected me the most was "Is the Cub Scout Promise a part of the boys' way of life? Do they know what it means and try to live by it?"

What are we doing in our dens and packs if the answer to this is "No"? How can we be good leaders and affect change in our communities if we are not helping the boys to do their best and to do their duty?

Meet with your fellow leaders. Meet with them often. Evaluate your programs and leadership. The questions to start with are found in the Cub Scout Leader Book on pages 24-12 and 24-13.

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