Thursday, August 9, 2012

Akela's Council Sept 2012

It's official -- AC 29 is ON!!! If you are planning on going to Akela's Council at Tifie Scout Camp at Mountain Dell (near Mount Pleasant) on September 11-15, 2012, you need to sign up now.   There is room for 7 more applicants.

Changes in Akela's Council Sponsorship:

The time has run out for applying for the Pony Express District Sponsorship for Akela's Council.  It is no longer available. 

GREAT NEWS:  Many of the stakes (zones) in our district are willing to sponsor some or all of your Akela's Council training.  If yours is offering one, take advantage of it .... by asking for it, because they might not have made a general announcement!

Happy Cubbing!

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