Saturday, July 21, 2012

September - Cooperation

The great news is that National BSA is coming up with themes again, to help out.  Remember that the themes are for the purpose of bringing the Core Values to life.  The Core Values is what we're teaching through the theme we choose.

Now, the themes that the BSA comes up with are to help us.  However, we are not required to use themes, although it makes a pack meeting very memorable and I highly suggest it! We are also not required to use their themes, but If you would like someone else to do the research for you, then the BSA will come up with some wonderful ideas to follow!

If you do decide to go with themes, it is okay to use your own themes, but of course you'll also have to come up with all the activities and decorations that go with it all on your own.  If you are internet-savvy, that won't be a problem. 

I have come up with some Pack Meeting themes that go with September's Core Value, Cooperation.  If you don't know what the activity is that I have listed, "search" it in your browser, and it'll be easy to find.


Bike Rodeo -  Decorate & parade bikes, Bike Inspection, Bike Adjustments, Bike Safety, Riding skills, Ride Safely, Bike registration, bike lock, why need helmets, bicycle belt loop, bike wash, water tunnel, Police guest speaker, with traffic

Carnival -  Throw hoops around stuffed animal to keep, toss coins onto canning lids, drop beans into a can, balloon popping, bowling, bean bags, marshmallow guns, small prizes to trade tickets earned at games for (McDonald prizes, etc.)

Circus -   Clowns, Walking the wire (on the ground), dog tricks (cubs act as dog and trainer), kids jump through hoops, tumbling, lion tamer skit (cubs act as lion and tamer), ring leader, song: Elephants Have Wrinkles, flea circus skit, juggling w/2 people together

Communication -  Communicating belt loop, Charades, Deaf, News reporter, secret codes, no talking instructions, get blindfolded through obstacle course, storytelling, puppets, foreign language, follow instructions

Derbies -  Pinewood, Space, Raingutter regatta, Cubanapolis, Humpty Dumpty, Cubmobile,
Kite, Rockets (models, soda bottle water, paper, soda bottle air, pencil, pinwheel, Alka-Seltzer, rocket science, launchers)

Genius Kits -   Most Ingenious, Best Workmanship, Most Unusual, Most Useful, Most Original, Best Invention, Most Uncommon, Most Creative, Most Scientific, Funniest, Largest Smallest

Music -  homemade instruments with pipes, sticks, cans, bottles, water, combs, paper, rice, toothpicks, paper plates, etc.

Showbiz -   Talent show, tumbling, piano and instruments. Use masks, puppets, sound effects, magic tricks, skits, music and announcer to pass off rank achievements.

Sports -  sports skills, sports games, Olympics

Teamwork  -  stacking cans with string tied to a large rubber band, hoola hoop pass head to foot of someone then foot to head of the next and on around a circle, human knot, toxic waste, helium stick, all aboard, group footracers, mine field, river crossing

Western -  Decorate cardboard boxes into covered wagons and horses, Chuckwagon Derby, Pioneer games, lasso, gold panning, learn knots, Wild West Deputy, stick horse relay, marshmallow gun target shooting, outdoor cooking, campfire, constellations, compass, maps, against cybercrime, against bullying

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