Friday, July 20, 2012

Honesty Fair

August value is Honesty. The theme is Water Carnival. This Honesty Fair could combine the two, or you could use the Honesty part with any multiple game fair. (Thank you, Cameron Clements, for sharing this idea.) Start off by printing fun money. Here is a link where you can personalize the money with someone's face you know, like the Cub Master or Lord Baden Powell's. At the beginning of your carnival or fair, give each boy two $5 bills. Do not tell them this is an Honesty Fair. Just call it a Water Carnival, or whatever. They must pay $3 for each game. When they give their $5, they will need $2 change, but instead they will be given 3 $1 bills back. They may feel lucky and keep the extra dollar, or they may try to give the extra dollar back, which case the boothmaster who just gave them the change tells them, "You must go to Customer Service for that." This gives the cub another chance to keep the dollar or take the time to give the dollar back at the Customer Service desk. If they continue on and return the extra dollar, Customer Service gives them a paper Honesty Award in exchange. Click Honesty Award for the template you see at the right with 8 badges on a page (from that you can print and write "Honesty" in. At the end of the game fair, talk to the group about how this was really an Honesty Fair, and each boy (if they were honest) should have 2 Honesty Awards. This is a great time for the participants to quietly look inside and take inventory of himself.

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