Saturday, July 21, 2012

Circus of Stars

At July's Roundtable (since our Roundtable is at the end of the month) we gave ideas on September's Core Value, Cooperation.  We chose the theme Circus of Stars to demonstrate this value for a possible pack meeting.

Circus Ring - I got red butcher paper and cut it in half lengthwise. (The length depends on how large you want your circle.) I then folded each in almost half lengthwise.  Then I cut slits from one side to the middle fold about every eight inches.  When I was ready to make the ring, I needed help from my daughter and son.  After taping the two lengths together, we overlapped the cut flaps by an inch and taped them together.  As a result, we made a ring, but the walls were floppy.  So, my two children took wide masking tape, taped over the top edge of the ring then stretched the tape to stick on the floor, bringing the wall verticle.  It actually looked really good.

We had circus music playing when people came in.  I was the ringmaster, and the rest of the staff dressed up as: lion, lion tamer with a hoola hoop, clowns, a high-wire walker, trapeze artist, band leader, tall person walking on homemade stilts (from one of the cub books).

While it's great to have the Pack Committee dress up for the occasion, the real show and stars of the show are the Cub Scouts.  That's really what we were representing.  Those cubs and family members that come to pack meeting dressed as something from a circus could come into the room in a parade.

Throughout the evening the boys can entertain the audience with tiger taming tricks, dog training tricks, clown stunts, show off their tumbling skills, put on a magic show - all playing a part.

One ceremony to show appreciation, you could "throw" a pie in their face. Scott is a circus clown by trade.  He taught us a great gag - how to properly throw a pie in someone's face.  Tip 1:  Never use actual whipped cream, because if it stays on the clothes for a while, it will stain and ruin the clothes.  Therefore, always use soap, like shaving cream.
Tip 2: Protect the victim's clothes with a towel.  Also, be sure they know to close their eyes and their mouth.
Tip 3:  The person never throws the pie at the face, but instead just places the pie on the face.  Practice with a clean pie plate.
Tip 4:  Never actually put a pie in some unsuspecting person's face.  Sure, they'll be expecting it and so will the audience, but they will also be anxious, especially the boys.  Surprise everyone by secretly setting up ahead of time to "unexpectedly" getting the pie in your own face. It takes cooperation to pull this off, and it will get squeals and giggles of surprise from everyone!

Some Cub Scout Pack themes to look up from the past related to this theme:  Circle of Stars, A Cub Scout Circus, Under the Big Top.  Click here for other ideas I found related to Circus activities.

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