Monday, January 23, 2012

Worst Case Scenario (Bears Achievement 11)

Clever game to help Bears pass off Achievement 11: Be Ready.  Found at

This is based off the game from the store, but I made up cards that address the "Be Ready" requirements in the Bear Book for Achievement 11. The correct answers are in bold on the cards and there can be more than one right answer. We used the actual playing pieces, die and game board from the real "Worst Case Scenario Survival Game" but you could make your own simple board.

To play, before you read the card, have the person whose turn it is roll the die. Someone then reads that person the information on the card. If the person guesses the right answer(s) they get to move ahead however many spaces they rolled on the die. Take turns with however many players you have or you can make two team to make it simple.  Click GAME CARDS for the questions.

I could not print the cards large enough and clear enough to read, so I retyped Strong Armor's game questions, which you can download and print from HERE. Have the kids roll a die to determine how many spaces to move when they've answered the question (with hints and help, if necessary).  Use any game board and markers, or draw one up yourself.  Just read the questions in order.

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