Thursday, January 26, 2012

Space-Themed Blue & Gold Banquet Ideas

I found a bunch of neat ideas and links regarding Space.  This is the collection of what I found.

If you live in Utah County or Salt Lake County, Dr. Aaron Orullian is a NASA affiliate representative and presents fantastic presentations!  He loves to talk to groups of any age, school-age to adult, and he doesn't charge!  What he teaches is classified as public information, but the public doesn't generally have access to his information.  Email Dr. Orullian and schedule him as your guest speaker.  You'll be delighted you did! "AARON ORULLIAN" <>,

Short film on keeping clean in space (watch this before clicking on TowTabs)
In place of napkins: TowTabs (Dehydrated towels in tab form) 120 individually wrapped for $24

Paper mache' balloons painted as planets

Saturn table decoration (pictured to the left)

Space napkin rings (pictured to the right)

Attire:  Wear black and tape stars cut out of aluminum foil on your shirt

Activities & Games:
Space station team running game
Make Gingerbread Robots
Paint donut holes into little planets with food coloring
Color and cut to make a mosaic robot puzzle
Star Finder by the month, a constellation-themed cootie catcher
Film Canister Rocket Must be done outside.  Quick assembly and exciting!

TANG, the powdered drink invented for the NASA Space program
Use Pop Rocks in/on something
Moon Balls (little cheese balls)
Crater Taters (potato bar)
Flying Saucer pizza
Little Dipper chicken nuggets
Blast-off Gelatine
Asteroid chips
Asteroid Potatoes  (Asteroids you can eat, made from mashed potatoes)
Ham Sandwich Rocket (second from the bottom on the page I'm linking you to)
Colored Star Cookies that can teach that stars have colors and what they mean

Song: Planets Go Spinning (tune: When Johnny Comes Marching Home)

Star Ceremonies: Opening (flag) Ceremony, Advancement Ceremony, and Cubmaster Minute

More ideas: from NASA for Cub Scouts, specifically for passing off rank achievements

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