Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Den Doodles

I have been asked to provide the guide to the colored beads on Pack 1122's Bear Den Flag and Doodle. You can provide your own color scheme according to what beads you may already have on hand. The trick is to be consistent.

Blue--The boy wears his uniform to the meeting
Yellow--He brings his book
White--This is the over achiever bead. The Cub Scout has done something at home that needs to be signed off.
Red--This corresponds with the Instant Recognition Bead for Progress towards Rank. He should have 4 of these. If this is for a Wolf Den, you could swap red and yellow to keep it with the Wolf beads.
Clear--There is only one of these on the string. The boy receives it when he gets his rank advancement.
Orange--For participating in the meeting.
Green--Good behavior.
Pink--The cub brought his parents to Pack Meeting.
Purple--The cub came to Pack Meeting.


  1. Would you be able to post a picture of the den it attatches to the flag, etc....or show it in our next roundtable main mtg for those of us not in your class. Thanks!