Thursday, February 10, 2011

Den Discipline

The BRAVO board
This idea came from my son's 4th grade teacher that uses it in her class so I adapted it to use for my children for good behavior. Then got thinking this would be great for den discipline. It's easy.. just create a grid with letters on the top and numbers on the bottom. Then laminate the board and use dry erasers. Then when you observe good behavior from a scout you let them put their name on the BRAVO board. Then when all the squares are filled (this could take a few weeks or so depending on how big your BRAVO board is) the you have a Bingo drawing where you but the square number on a piece of paper (such as B4 and so forth). Then just pick out a determined amount of squares (at my house we draw out 5) and then they get to pick out of the reward box, which is filled with items the scout would like (neckerchief slides, first aid kit, candy, etc). This has really worked personally in my household to change behavior and helps me focus on good behavior instead of the negative.

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