Thursday, December 30, 2010

January's Stake Assignment

To many of you who attend Roundtable you may know that we divide up in various stakes that make up our District. Starting in Feb. we will be handing over some of our Roundtable assignments to the Stakes. They in turn will be making assignments to the wards that make up their stakes.
January is our Adult Academy Awards night.
Remember we have until Monday to turn in the nominations for the awards. It was requested that at least every stake, but preferably every ward, turn one of those sheets in completed for nomination. We actually want to flood with awards and acknowledgements of merit, so it would be wonderful for every ward to turn in two or three acknowledgements of merit (which didn't have an official sheet, but we needed to know who nominated and their phone number so they could be contacted for more info, the name of the nominee within our Pony Express District, and why they are being nominated). Send the information to Judy:
Each stake is assigned to make a flag which stands from the floor and has a base to hold it. The flag should be decorated in a way that represents the stake. Be sure that whatever is on the flag has meaning, as you will be asked to explain the symbolism.
Below are some examples of flags that were made at Akela's Council.
(A GREAT Leadership training!)
We will also be having a decorating contest for the sheet cake, as this is a Cub Scout tradition that we are introducing. The core value for January is Positive Attitude. The night will be as the Academy Awards night. Below is some examples of cakes Cub Scouts have made for our Blue and Gold.

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