Friday, December 17, 2010

Homemade CubScout Trophies

Spray paint can be a Cub Scout Leaders best friend. You can take almost anything, mount it on a piece of wood and spray paint it gold and it's an award. The boys love it!
I found this bear statue at the thrift store, mounted it to a piece of wood using either Liquid Nails or E6000 (which can be found in the craft aisle at Walmart). This award was made for a Cub Scout who was receiving his Bear advancement.
You can take a plastic cup from the thrift store, mount it and spray paint it. Add some vinyl. Then you can fill the cup with some goodies.
This award was given to each of the boys so they have a stand for their car. The Webelos designed and made it, this helps them pass off a requirement for their Craftsman Pin. The Webelos just used some scrap wood and molding. You can get a small plaque or make one using cardstock and then laminating the card and hot gluing it to the stand.
This Medal was made from canning lids sprayed painted gold. Use a sticker or die cut, add some ribbon and wha-la...a medal for your Cub Scout.
Another stand made by the Webelos. Using scraps of wood. The Cub scout's car becomes the Trophy.
I like to make sure each boy goes home with something, this makes them feel good and helps moral. Boys will want to come back because they feel important. If you want to recognize 1st, 2nd and 3rd Great but remember that you can also judge in other areas; artist, most colorful, slow poke, most stickers, etc...

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