Monday, January 24, 2011

Neckerchief slide holder

I can't take credit for this. I made this at Akela's council and it's a good thing with all the neckerchief slides I received. These are fairly easy to make, something that your cubs can do.
Just get a piece of wood. You should sand it and you can paint it or put a finish on it. Make sure you drill a hole at the top so that your cubscout can hang it on the wall.
Then just get a piece of peg board.
Line it up on top of your wood piece.
Buy some nails and hammer them into the wood at a slight angle.
You should alternate placement of your nails so that there is space for the neckerchiefs to hang.
Once your done with all the nails remove the peg board. You may have to tap the nails again
to make sure they are in tight and make sure they are all aligned right.
WaLa A Neckerchief Slide holder!

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  1. So easy!! Thank you for the pictorial!!