Friday, May 18, 2012

Knights of The Round Table Opening Flag Ceremony

Announcer: Hear ye! Hear ye! The Kingdom of Cub Scouting requests your presence before the Royalty of the Land! (Royal trumpet sounds) Prepare for the entrance of the Knights.

(Let boys carry homemade shields and cardboard swords. Carry flags for the dens. Play march music)

Announcer: Knights! Hold your swords at attention while the American flag is brought up.

Reader: The flags, shields and banners of kings were symbols of the monarchy. Fleur-de-lis, lions, and trees, symbolize strength, purity or the place of the king.

Our banner has three colors, and stars as symbols.
Our colors show red for bravery, white for purity and blue for loyalty.

The stripes stand for the thirteen colonies, and the stars stand for all the states.

Knights and courtiers of the Kingdom, please stand for the symbol of our land.  (Bring in the U.S. flag)  Scout salute!
Please join in the Pledge of allegiance.  (After Pledge is done, say TWO! That means to drop the Scout salute.)

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