Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Humpty Dumpty Derby

Titled on THIS BLOG by a mom named Heidi (click here to learn more) as The most fun ever at a Pinewood Derby! 

"The entire goal of the evening was to break as many eggs as possible, and over the course of the runs down the track, bumpers were removed and track sections dropped to encourage just that.  There were no weight requirements for the cars, and the kids were able to be as creative as they wanted with the egg conveyance device."

Expense:      No need to hire or rent an expensive track.  Total budget
                    cutter for a total blast!
Time:            It's about fun and creativity, rather than speed.  No         
                    weigh-in time.  No rule regulation check.  Only one run
                    per car means a quicker derby.
Fun Factor:  No hurt feelings.  No "unfair".  No super-competitive.
                   No one cares if the boy did it or the dad.  All that's left
                   is fun, ooh's, and laughter as the raw eggs free fall to the
                   tarp at ground level!!

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