Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun with Themes

Using Themes to make Things Fun
by Chris Sears

KISMIF - Keep It Simple, Make It Fun
    *  One of the purposes of scouting: Fun And Adventure
    *  One of the methods of scouting: Activities

Themes allow you to give greater emphasis to ideas, values, and themes
Example -Perseverance - use a theme of Pioneers or Sports

     *  Old Pow Wow Books
     *  How To Book
                                                                 * Online ideas -- Baloo's Bugle


               Talents - develop talents takes perseverance
               Hiking - hiking takes perseverance
               Trees/Forrester - trees take perseverance

Best resource - your own creative minds in your pack
Example - We wanted to do something for Blue and Gold that gave every boy recognition. We wanted to give each boy a star.  Suddenly it occurred to us to make each boy a deputy in our western town, and the cowboy theme was decided on. It was easy from there, with western gear galore!

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