Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dinosaur Eggs

One of the most memorable Pack Meetings I have attended was the summer of 1998 when the cubs hunted Dinosaur Eggs. The week before the pack meeting the leaders made paper mache' dinosaur eggs. A toy dinosaur was inserted through a flap door made in the egg after the egg was painted. We always had our pack meetings outside during the summertime. The eggs were hidden around the property before the boys arrived. The first egg the boy found was his. Last year our Cubmaster made a dinosaur egg for each boy receiving awards, and they had to crack the egg to get to their awards. To make a solid egg that the kids can excavate their dinosaur from, go here: dino egg for excavating. For display only, a more realistic looking and cracking egg would be a plaster of paris dinosaur egg. It's made from the inside of a balloon, so this one's best for show (unfillable).

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