Monday, June 20, 2011

Hiking Themes, Hunts, Checklists, and Activities

Webelos: Outdoorsman 9
Doing a scavenger hunt while hiking will help the boys really explore the world around them while they are walking, rather than getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. This scavenger hunt is a “check off” type hunt. They don’t actually bring the items with them. This fits in with the Leave No Trace guidelines. Here is a list of 14 Themed Hikes, including: Hold the Front, Puddle, Stop-Look-Listen, Crafts, Color, Historical, City, I Spy, Nature Cribbage, Follow the Odor, Awareness, Breakfast, Sealed Orders, Touch and Feel. Another fun hike is taking the boys Geocaching! Do you have petroglyphs or fossil sites nearby? Have the boys draw a picture of what they see to take home with them. Without A Trace are activities that can help the boys appreciate nature, getting a feeling of why we would want to preserve it and why we adopt ways such as Leave No Trace. Ready, Set, Go! includes things the boys need to know before taking a hike, as well as things the adult leaders need to know before taking the boys on the hike. Happy Hiking!

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