Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Secret Code Wheel

This Secret Code Wheel will help pass off: Wolf Elective 1a (It's A Secret: Use a secret code) and Webelos Communication Achievement 5. Instructions: Print wheels on white or colored paper, cut out, and connect using a paper brad. The smallest wheel and the medium wheel each have common alphabet letters, numbers, and symbols. This is so that one wheel can be turned then matched up with the other wheel for one code. For example, T can match up with K, setting all the other letters on the wheels up as a code itself. The largest wheel is for the boy to make up his own code; write new code symbols lining up with an upright letter on the right side of the wheel. The picture in color includes my son's made-up code on the largeset wheel as an example of a finished project. If a boy's friend has the same wheel, the first boy writing a note to his friend could put the code at the top of the note, for instance "T=K", so that his friend can line up those letters on the wheel and decipher the note from there. Of course, in order to write in his secret code, the friend will need to have the same code on his wheel. This alphabet wheel by itself makes several systems, since A can = A or B or C or L or K, etc. If H=5, then 4WW1 7WY means GOOD JOB

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