Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cake Decorating Contest

For the Blue & Gold Banquet (Or Scout Birthday Bash) many packs enjoy having a cake decorating contest made by the cub scout with one of his parents. Some are given a theme, others aren't. I've seen these contests for other special events, like a Pack summer family barbecue or Pinewood Derby. In January's RT, at our Award's Ceremony, we had a cake decorating contest. The cakes were entered by a chosen leader in each stake. Here are some of the entries. The cakes were amazing!


  1. We have done this at our Blue and Gold every year. Each boy and his dad bake a cake and each cake recieves an award (tallest, roundest, bluest, best theme, etc). we then ask each boy if they want to auction their cake - of our 50+ boys most do - we usually can pay for the hall and food! - Pack 306 Vancouver WA