Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Program Self-Assessment

"Where performance is measured, performance improves. Where performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates." -- Thomas S. Monson
It's nice to have a measuring stick readily available for self-assessment. Two wonderful measuring sticks are the Pack Self-Assessment and Journey To Excellence. Journey To Excellence replaced Quality Unit, effective February 2011. There are different forms for Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships, Districts, and Councils. The criteria and a webinar for each can be found at the links below.
Packs report their progress to a Unit Commissioner. Unit Commissioners are not from within your Pack or LDS ward. Unit Commissioners usually serve 3 BSA units and are assigned by your District or LDS stake. They are a resource for you, a friend who knows Scouting well, and a liaison between your Pack and your Council. They help your pack set and meet yearly goals. If you do not know who your Pack's Unit Commissioner is, your Unit Chartered Organization Representative, aka COR, is a good resource to find out (for LDS units, that's your bishopric counselor over Scouting).

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