Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Values with Themes

Our focus for Pack Meetings is the Core Value of the month. While we need to be careful the Core Value isn't replaced or lost by a theme, a theme can demonstrate and punctuate a Core Value. Themes can be used for decoration, games, and especially award ceremonies. Here are some ideas, mostly compiled by Charlene Rowley, to help our imaginations get started:
  • CITIZENSHIP: Patriotic, Pilgrim, Patriots, Historic Flags, Our Country's (or local) Heritage
  • COMPASSION: Pilgrims, Pioneers, Firemen, Medical First Aid, Wizard of Oz, Disability Awareness
  • COOPERATION: Carnival, Circus, Rodeo, Mountaineers, Trailblazers, Circle the Wagons, Showbiz, Music Makers, Derbies, Sports Extravaganza, Genius Kits, Communication, Tied Up in Knots
  • COURAGE: Wright Brothers, The World of Tomorrow, Vikings, Pirates, Pilgrims, Pioneers, Tall Tales, Legends, Knights, Robin Hood, Wizard of Oz
  • FAITH: Patriots, Pilgrims, Pioneers
  • HEALTH & FITNESS: Blast Off, Down on the Farm, Knights, Grecians Olympics, Sports Carnival, Fire Detective, Field Day, Survival
  • HONESTY: Knights, Derbies, Pilgrims, Pioneers
  • PERSEVERANCE: Wright Brothers, Viking, Pirates, Ship builders, Waterways, Discoveries, Patriots,Pilgrims, Our Heritage, Mountaineers, Pioneers, Trail blazers, Winter Olympics, Knights, Field Day, Survival
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Wright Brothers, The World of Tomorrow, Neptune Rex, Vaudeville, Magicians, Olympics, Heroes, Derbies, Wizard of Oz
  • RESOURCEFULNESS: Sound Props, Trains, Solar System, Jungle, Zoo, Natural Resource Conservation, Recycling, Survival
  • RESPECT: Great Events in Scouting, Circle the Wagons, Pioneers, Trailblazers, Wild West Rodeo, Pilgrims, Historic Flags, Akela's Council, It's A Small World
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Wright Brothers, The World of Tomorrow, Discoverers, Patriots, Pilgrims, Pioneers, Trailblazers, Fire, Detectives

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