Monday, November 28, 2011

Blue and Gold Table Decor. Ideas

This is something very simple to make and you don't need to be a expert cake decorator to make this. Made out of cupcakes (regular or mini). This can be made and used for Blue & Gold Banquet or when a young man earns his Arrow of Light.
Here are some Blue and Gold Table Decoration Ideas
Pocket Knife Invitations click here
To make the lantern click here for instructions. To make the fire centerpiece click here for instructions. Here is one version to make a space shuttle Click here for instructions click here for instructions


  1. I like the pocketknife invite. But the space shuttle ideas will come in handy because we are doing a space theme this year. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to "pin" this :)

  2. Great Space theme ideas!! We want to use this theme for our Blue & Gold. Can you tell me what the little menu card sitting next to the rocket says?

  3. Here is the menu for the space shuttle:

    Flying Saucer pizza
    Little Dipper chicken nuggets
    Blast-off Gelatine
    Asteroid chips

  4. I love all your ideas!!! Every year I look for good ideas and these are just amazing!

  5. What a wonderful ideas for celebrating a party. Great I found this site as my son is going to celebrate his 1st birthday party. Me and my husband are still figuring out what would be the best way to invite our guests and how we should celebrate the party. Maybe I will bookmark this site for my future reference. I am also looking for chair covers and cheap table cloths that we might be using on that day co'z I am looking for table designs and decor ideas for our celebration.