Friday, March 4, 2011

Song Videos

A few of my new friends from Akela's Council 26 (2010) got together and made videos of some of the songs we learned there. I have introduced a few of those songs at Roundtable, or am planning to introduce them in the near future.

I am ENTHUSIASTICALLY going to give a shout out for Akela's Council. Go! Really! Whether you are brand new as a leader in any capacity with Cub Scouting or have been involved with it for years you will learn something new -no, tons of things - to improve your program. It's AWESOME, fun, and in all honesty - invaluable! Really, it truly is! Go! Click HERE for more info.

The Pizza Hut Song

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider Chant

The Beaver Song (Chant) (Working on getting audio fixed)
Here's a link to the lyrics, in the meantime:  Beaver Song

The Bubble Gum Song

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