Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bear Achievement 9 - What's Cookin'?

TOO MANY SHINGLES - a parable and illustration of the need to eat the right foods for your body (from Pack 152)  There is a whole den meeting plan included. Click the title for the instructions, story, and printables, including the chart shown here on the right, and the complete den meeting plan. This will pass off 9 d and e.

Summary:  A story about a contractor who has ordered all the materials to build a house, but at each phase his buyers and workers decide that they didn't want to take the time to do it right (which left him short), but to make it up each brought him shingles for the roof.  With his knowledge and skills, he tried to compensate for their failures, but it became harder as each phase fell short of it's needs. 

If you liked the above idea, Pack 152 provides more great ideas for passing off Bear Achievement 9 to make this den meeting fun and productive. (If you're LDS, it includes 3 Faith In God requirements that can be simultaneously passed off while completing this Achievement.)

HERE is a list of carbohydrates made for visual people. They are listed as Poor, Fair, Good, Better Best.

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