Friday, March 9, 2012

Wolf Achievement 1 Relay

Achievement 1 Complete in a Minute, when it's a race!

This is how it was set up in the gym: One crib mattress on the ground, and a 2x4 plank on the ground in line with the mattress but about a yard in front of it.  Someone timing each person with a stopwatch or second-hand on a clock.

1. Have the boys squat down while the den counts down from 10 down to "blast off!",  At "Blast Off!" he jumps as high in the air as he can, hands and arms up.  That's the start of his race.

2. Have the boy walk the plank forward, backward, and sideways.

3. Have him travel around the crib mattress 3 times:  Elephant Walk once around, Frog Leap once around, and Crab Walk once around.

4. Then on the mattress have him front roll, back roll, and falling front roll.

5.  At this point he will face his den leader (who is 10 steps away), who will throw a tennis ball to the boy to catch and throw it back.

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