Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Family Camp at Maple Dell

Maple Dell is property in Payson Canyon owned by the BSA for the purpose of providing training camps for cubs, boy scouts, leaders, and families. All leaders who provide classes and activities are fully trained and approved by the BSA. Family camp is the best family camping I have ever experienced! Family camp does not focus on achievements for passing off cub scouts and boy scouts ranks; however, they do provide clean, safe activities that reflect boy scouts that everyone can enjoy. (With planning you COULD bring your boys' books and get things passed off, but this is not the focus.)

The focus is FUN. Fun for all ages and both genders. Seriously, the girls love this camp as well! You sleep in your own tent, you may bring your own food or buy a meal ticket, there's family free time where you can just hang out, swim or boat, hike, do a COPE course, go to the gun or archery shooting ranges, work on family goals, nap, whatever.

There are optional classes divided by age (from 2 years old all the way to adults) and whole camp activities such as flag ceremonies, treasure hunts, guest speakers, and a program of skits put on by the individual classes. This was my son's 8-year old boys art and activities class. Their theme was Angry Birds (within the camp's theme that year "What's up?"); therefore, this is what their skit was about. My son had so much fun!!!
The classes are so fun. The camp and family activities and the classes make a full day.

Those of us who have children with physical and social challenges, including the challenge of wandering off without notice (mine), are so relieved because everyone watches out for each other, are so friendly, inclusive, and helpful.

There are two session held: one at the beginning of the first full week in July, and one at the end of the first full week in July. You go up in the morning, stay two nights, and go home the morning of the the 3rd day. The two sessions are split by Wednesday. If you choose to attend both sessions, if you leave on Wed. and come back on Thurs. you don't have to get the full BSA physical by your doctor.

Every person attending either or both sessions, however, does need to have the basic medical form filled out, and it will be given back at checkout. You may choose only to go to one session or to go to both sessions. Most of the families I met returned every year, and most of those chose to go to both sessions. Our paycheck doesn't allow for paid vacation, so we will be attending only one session, but we do plan to take our whole family (including grandchildren) every year from now on.

Click Family Camp 2012 to watch a promotional video, find out where Maple Dell is, and to get the medical forms that need to be filled out for each family member before camp.
From that same page you may:
Click on Program Basics to find out the accommodations and activities.
Click on Food Fees & Service to find out how much the camping and food ticket cost.
Click on Register Today to get the camp dates and to register online.

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