Friday, October 19, 2012

Christmas Pack Games & Songs

Here is a link to 24 games with a Christmas theme for your December pack meeting.
Another game I enjoy is Building Frosty. Divide into teams. Each team is given a roll of white toilet paper, a broom, scarf, hat, three 3" black paper circles, and 3 rolled-up tape pieces. The teams race to see who can transform one person from their group into Frosty, using ALL the toilet paper and all the items. You can have a winner for the first to be completed and a winner for the best job. Remember to bring your camera for pictures!
Click HERE for silly cub scout Christmas songs I have compiled, including 6 Carols about Cub Scouting, 2 just really silly songs to Christmas tunes, 5 songs about Santa with familiar tunes, and 4 sweet holiday songs.
THIS is a link for traditional Christmas songs compiled by one pack in PDF for an attractive 11-page Caroling booklet.

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