Friday, September 30, 2011

" is an internet-based service that makes it easy to manage Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops. It replaces the achievement tracking charts and trail records in the back of Scout books, as well as the spreadsheets, paper records and PC-based Pack/Troop management packages typically used by Den Leaders and Scoutmasters."
My Pack uses this, and it is FANTASTIC. Very user-friendly! The parent, Den Leader, Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and Advancement Chair can all record what's been passed off at home or Den Meeting. They all have the same information all at the same time about a boy's progress, and can access it any time they need.
The Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and Achievement Chair can print a report of what's been earned this month, ready for picking up awards. The Den Leader can do a quick entry about what's been done at Den Meeting and which cubs were in attendance, and each cub's record will be updated immediately. All leaders can set up a calendar which will send reminder emails to parents about upcoming events, or they can write a note and send it instantly to each cub all at the same time.
Here is a snapshot of one of the pages, just so you can visualize it. Better yet, get on the site to view all of the pages and read what it has to offer. Yes, it does have a cost - $45 a year, and it is soooo worth it! In our pack it took a few months to get everyone on board to want to try it, and about 10 minutes during two of our Monthly Pack Planning Meetings to get trained, but now it is the easiest recording ever, we all have the same records that don't get lost, and we all think it is so easy and an invaluable tool!

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