Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cub Scout Leader Award Knots

Many of our adult leaders are deserving for their service to our youth. A Court of Honor would be a great place to present the knot awards. Boys will see that Scouting continues beyond age 18 where adults can and do give back to Scouting over many years of service. There are many knots that our adult Scouters may wear above the left shirt pocket recognizing training, leadership, service and accomplishments. As you read through the requirements for the various knots among those attached, you will quickly learn here is another way to recognize individuals in your units. For the present, knots applications requiring District approval may be submitted to Joe Gallaway, Jeff Peery, Suzette Stockton, Laura Kesler, or Mick Haws. We'll see that they are reviewed/approved quickly. Webelos Leader Award Knot Pack Trainer Award Knot Cub Scouter Award Knot Den Leader Award Knot Cub Master Award Knot

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